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Western Heritage Project

…g. Education and positive youth development, not competition, should drive 4-H S.A.F.E. clubs. Each discipline offers a state championship event, and the first place senior team may be eligible to attend the National 4-H Shooting Sports Cha…

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Making Jams and Jellies

…ng water bath canner.
When making home-canned jams and jellies, use only recipes and procedures approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). You can find these on any State Extension website and the National Center for H…

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Identification and Control of Snakes in Alabama

…d-dwelling birds. 

Pygmy rattlesnake. A small snake, with a maximum length of 30 inches. Distributed throughout the state, it is seldom encountered except during late summer. The small rattle can scarcely be heard more than 3 feet away….

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Feeding Birds

…-crowned kinglets. Other migrating species may also be seen briefly during the fall and spring as they pass through the state of Alabama. 

Winter feeding is probably more appreciated by birds than summer feeding. This is especially true…

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Food Safety

…labels shall include the following:

Name of individual or business
Address of the individual or business

Recommended labeling should include the follo…

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Black Widow and Recluses

…y resemble the brown recluse and are difficult to distinguish from them. These two species are not native to the United States, however, and have been found in only a few small, isolated locations.

The color of recluses ranges along a sp…

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Rules and Regulations

…Cottage Food Law went into effect in 2014 and provides guidance and information for cottage food entrepreneurs. The law states that individuals can produce certain nonhazardous foods in their homes.  Cottage food cannot be sold to restaura…

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Flood and Water Damage

…evel for your home or to a higher floor.
Raise outlets and switches to higher levels in rooms if allowed by local or state codes.
Install ground fault circuit interrupters to prevent electrical hazards.


Appliances and H…

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…ental, and public safety through the Emergency Alert System.
Used by permission of the Mississippi State University Extension Service.
Use pesticides only according to the directions on the label. Follow all directions…

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Kitchen Composting


Hamilton, D. (n.d.) Vermicomposting: Composting with worms. Retrieved from

United states Environmental Protection Agency. (201…

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