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Climate and Crops iBook

…s leading research universities: Auburn University, the University of Georgia, the University of Florida, and Florida State University contributed to the project. Alabama Extension specialists representing several scientific discipline…

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Beef Basics iBook

…ma with a value of $2.5 billion. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s iBook, “Beef Basics,” will help the state’s cattle producers boost their bottom line. An Alabama Extension animal scientist calls “Beef Basics” an exc…

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Forage Risk Management: Subsidized Insurance as a Strategy

Perennial forage production is a primary source of grazing and hay for livestock producers throughout the United States, including Alabama. Because forage production is dependent on weather, producers are subject to continual uncerta…

5 min read

Housing & Facilities for Dairy Goats

…vity and health of small ruminant herds and flocks. The primary predators of sheep and goats in the southeastern United States include coyotes and feral as well as pet dogs. Unfortunately, no single method of predator control is absolutely …

5 min read

Care During & Post Kidding In Dairy Goats

…rinarian or other knowledgable source. Unfortunately, parasites on most small ruminant farms in the southeastern United States are resistant against one or multiple types of dewormers, and control of parasites must be based on sound managem…

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Water Corrosivity and Your Plumbing System

Higher temperature

Most surface water and many groundwater sources in Alabama and throughout the United States are highly corrosive. If you have copper plumbing and notice a bluish green stain on sinks and showers or below a…

9 min read

Water Access Issues in Alabama

…Alabama’s rivers, lakes, bayous, and bays, towns small and large rely on water access to support their economies. The state, therefore, is taking steps to ensure that there is water access for traditional uses for its future generations.

5 min read

Using Grass Carp to Control Weeds in Alabama Ponds

…d in ponds (Figure 1). This large minnow is native to large rivers in Russia and China. It was imported into the United States in 1963 for aquatic weed control and as a food product. Unlike the common carp (Cyprinus carpio), which is also n…

6 min read

Timetable for Pond Owner Services

…in 2010), the DWFF did provide fish for pond stocking.  This service has been suspended indefinitely.
Balance Checks
State biologists will do seine checks of private ponds to determine if the fish populations are in balance (proper numbe…

2 min read

Threadfin Shad Producers and Dealers

Sawyer Chiles, Sean McNulty, Robby Mays
P.O. Drawer 20050
Montgomery, AL 36120
(334) 281-7703

Southern States Hatchery
700 Meriwether Rd.
Pike Road, AL 36064
(334) 799-8861
Russell County
T&T Aquatics
Rick Bingham…

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