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Career Countdown: Your Path to the Workforce

…tyle I chose cannot be supported by my career choice. I’ll choose differently next time!” – 8th Grader

Contact Us
State Office
Alabama A&M University
Dr. Jazmine Brantley
Office: (256) 372-4966
Urban C…

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Urban SNAP-Ed

…SNAP Division of The Alabama Department of Human Resources under the umbrella of the Food and Nutrition Service, United States Department of Agriculture, USDA.
USDA SNAP – The United States Department of Agriculture Supplemental Nutrition …

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Value-Added Products Utilizing Goat and Sheep Milk

…nts to shampoo. To make lotion, you will need a modified version of wax that emulsifies oils and liquids into a viscous state that can vary from a lotion to a cream. Lotion that includes liquid milk would necessitate the use of a natural or…

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Mosquito or Public Health Vector Control in Alabama – ADAI

…requirements for anyone engaging in such work. Anyone engaging in Mosquito or Public Health Vector Control work in the State of Alabama will have to possess and maintain certification and annual permits as follows:

Mosquito control act…

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Reciprocal Commercial Applicators Certification Permit Information

…information covers requirements to become a commercial pesticide applicator in Alabama by reciprocity from a certifying state.(Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, or Tennessee)
NOTE: General Standards/C…

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Camp Conservation: Conserve to Preserve

…es, and unique take-home projects.*
Camp Conservation content is age appropriate and supplements many of the Alabama State Department of Education’s science content standards.
Camp Conservation gets the AAA rating for science Awaren…

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Home *A* Syst

… be interested in the Alabama Urban Home *A* Syst Program?
The Alabama Urban Home *A* Syst Program is designed for the state‘s growing urban population. Although it is similar to other Home*A* Syst programs across the nation, this program …

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