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Economic Impact of a New Broiler House in Alabama

…600-square-foot (66’ × 600’) broiler house in Alabama causes a measurable increase in economic activity within the state in terms of construction and ongoing annual operations. Consider the following economic activity created during co…

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Construction of a Dead-Poultry Composter

…ds. Composting is one such alternative.
The Composting Formula
Poultry composting has been approved in Alabama by the state veterinarian’s office, state and local health departments, and the Alabama Department of Environmental Managemen…

5 min read

Biosecurity for Backyard Poultry Flocks

…s, tremors, and twisting of the neck or head. If you suspect that the chickens are sick, contact your veterinarian, the state diagnostic lab, or a qualified expert. Get a diagnosis, if possible, before going to the store to buy a treatment …

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Avian Influenza FAQ (March 2017 Update)

…are very susceptible to the disease.

There are currently two strains of avian influenza being reported in the United States. One is considered a high pathogen strain, while the other is a low pathogen strain. Both types of avian influenz…

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Aerial Mode of Application (AIR)

…lture and Industries in Montgomery, Computer-based testing is available on a weekly basis at eight testing sites in the state of Alabama. Cost of exams for this method is $125.00 per exam. You may sign up to take the online exams by clickin…

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Controlling Predators to Increase Quail Populations

…tat, the end result will be poor quail habitat with no predators and still no quail. 

Predator Community
In most states, including Alabama, the only quail predators that may be controlled legally are mid-sized carnivores like raccoon…

8 min read

Marketing Feeder Cattle With a Price Slide

…er and lighter feeder cattle.
Who Uses a Price Slide?
Many buyers and sellers of feeder cattle throughout the United States use a price slide. It is frequently used in direct, televideo, and satellite video auction sales (Western Livesto…

12 min read

Oysters in Alabama

… 10 ppt salinity) for long periods, oysters die. On the other hand, when salinity is high, oysters are likely to be devastated by oyster drills (snails), crabs, and a tiny parasite called a dermo. Oyster drills alone are capable of killing …

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Wrangling Youth Bullying

…rstanding and seeking positive solutions before this growing crisis runs rampant.
The Running of the Bulls
The United States Department of Justice says that 1 out 4 kids will be abused by another youth this month. Twenty-three percent of …

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Properly Thaw Your Holiday Turkey

…side the body cavity must be thawed before cooking. Turkeys purchased already stuffed need to be cooked from the frozen state, never thawed.”

According to Weese, there are two ways to thaw a turkey; in the refrigerator, or in a microwave…

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