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Transfer Taxes

The transfer tax system consists of the estate tax (sometimes called the death tax), the gift tax and the generation-skipping transfer tax. The following are common questions on transfer taxes.
Will my estate have to pay taxes?
The applic…

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…dually to qualify for the homestead exemption, the house is not a trust asset and would be distributed in your probate estate. It is always a good idea to have a will even if all it does is “pour-over” all the probate assets into the trust….

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… subject to the probate process. Assets that avoid probate are assets owned jointly with right of survivorship or life estates, assets with beneficiary designations (retirement, life insurance and “transfer on death” or “payable on death” a…

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Alabama provides for an “elective share” allowing a spouse not included in the decedent’s will to elect against the estate and receive the lesser of one-third of the estate or the entire estate less their separate estate. In other words,…

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Ionophore Inclusion in Cattle Diets

…as routes of administration.
Mode of Action

There are three commercially available ionophores in the United States: monensin (Rumensin), lasalocid (Bovatec), and laidlomycin propionate (Cattlyst). Ionophores select against Gram-…

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Benefits & Drawbacks to Variable-Radius Plots

…d match the conditions of the forest stand. Variable-radius plot sampling is commonly used in the southeastern United States because it is viewed as quick and easy. It is best suited to inventories when volume estimates are a priority.

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Cost & Trends of Southern Forestry Practices, 2016

…port summarizes the results of a 2016 survey to examine the costs of forestry practices across the southeastern United States. Three physiographic regions in the South were considered: Southern Coastal Plain, Northern Coastal Plain, and Pi…

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Flooded Wells: Shock Chlorination

…mical and bacteriological certified labs on their web pages at programs/water/waterforms/InStateChemicalLabs. pdf and Your county AD…

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Practical Tips for the Use of Biological Control Agents for Pest Management

…vention, control, and biocontrol tactics into an environmental-friendly solution. Contact Cooperative Extension in your state for details about IPM tactics and design a plan that suits your farm. The new Organic Vegetable IPM Slide Chart ha…

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