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Street Trees 2: The Design

…ve, and tree selection is crucial. Check with a local certified retail nursery dealer, your county Extension office, or state Urban Forestry office to get a list of trees that would be suitable for your area and planting conditions.

A co…

8 min read

Pike County Gets New Prescription Drop Box

…after hours by calling the dispatcher on the phone outside the entrance doors. Drop boxes are also available across the state.
Where to find drop boxes
During the last three years, Alabama Extension’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditiona…

2 min read

Lock Your Meds®

…tors) is comprised of administrators from all nineteen 1890 land-grant institutions: Alabama A&M University, Alcorn State University, Central State University, Delaware State University, Florida A&M University, Fort Valley State Uni…

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…SEMP) is a collaboration between the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama A&M University, and Tennessee State University; supported by USDA-NIFA grant #2017-38821-26426. (United States Department of Agriculture National Inst…

2 min read

Commercial Horticulture: Programs, People & Educational Resources

…sery & Greenhouse Crop Production
Major Objectives: Support the growing commercial greenhouse and nursery industry statewide. The project provides hands-on training and resource materials for promoting best management practices to bene…

5 min read

Commercial Horticulture: Making a Difference in the Food System

… Georgia, is the largest donator of food to the food bank in Atlanta. With many new community gardens active around the state, the commercial horticulture team continues to support gardening efforts to raise public awareness regarding the l…

5 min read

Buying Organic— What Does It Mean?

…s, and the standards for producing, handling, and processing organically grown agricultural products.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines organic as a labeling term for food and other agricultural products in m…

5 min read

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

… taking any action against the debtor to collect those debts.

The Bankruptcy Code is found in Title 11 of the United States Code. There are four chapters that are typically mentioned when discussing bankruptcy, Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13….

7 min read

How Will The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affect Me and My Cattle Operation?

…ot explain everything in the 500-page Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but the following are some of the highlights of the Act.
Estate Tax Changes
For estates of decedents dying and gifts made after December 31, 2017, and before January 1, 2026, th…

3 min read

How Does a Lender Determine Whether to Renew My Line of Credit?

…ntinue. If the answer is yes, you still may not have all the points. Ideally, you would have several years of financial statements so the lender could see the trend in your financial health.
Do you have enough cash or liquid assets to pay …

3 min read

Are You in a General Partnership and Don’t Know It?

…med to be a partner in the business, unless the profits were received in payment of a debt or for services or rent. The statements in the remainder of this article are paraphrased from the Alabama General Partnership Act, Ala. Code § 10A-8…

3 min read

Silvopasture from a Farmer’s Perspective

…ome this perspective and roadblock for this group of landowners.
“If I had 1,000 acres . . . ”
Sometimes farmers state that they would try their hand at a silvopasture management system if they had extra land “just lying around.…

4 min read

Silvopasture: An Opportunity for Additional Income from Your Forestland

…labama’s small-scale private landowners—especially those who own fewer than 100 acres. Such landowners consistently state that their primary reason for owning land is to pass it on to their heirs, with outdoor recreation and scenic beau…

5 min read

Landowners and Forest Inventories: Frequently Asked Questions

…re also good places to get other information that might aid in developing management plans for the property, such as estate planning or verifying tax assessment records.

Take a walk. With a deed or land survey in hand, check out the …

7 min read

Managing Stress: Guide for Understanding Stressful Situations

…lor, therapist, or psychologist. He or she may be able to help you build or improve on these life skills.
National and State Resources
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(1-800) 273-8255

Disaster Distress Helpline
(1-800) 985-5990

3 min read