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Wise Methods of Canning Vegetables

Aren’t you proud when you look in your pantry and see all those jars of pretty canned food? Or has your canned food begun to turn dark, leaking liquid from under the lid, or is it cloudy looking? Learn the latest methods and t…

8 min read

Avoiding Poisonous Plants

…s, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your county Extension office.


Featured Image: Paul Wray, Iowa State University,…

3 min read

Summer Transition Checklist for Beef Cattle

… control needed? Stand renovation? Or are there fertility issues?

3. Determine hay “readiness.” Readiness is the state of being fully prepared for something. If hay harvesting is part of your system, evaluate equipment and have any r…

2 min read

Alabama Water Watch Offers Alabama Rivers Educator Workshops

…le in Alabama’s identity—shaping aspects of history, culture, ecology and economy.

“Rivers are featured on our state seal. Alabama is the only state to do so,” Dominguez said. “Water resources in Alabama should be source of pri…

2 min read

Home Layer Flock Management Suggestions

… infection but will keep secondary bacterial infections from taking hold. Consult a veterinarian or the closest Alabama State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (Auburn, Boaz, Hanceville, or Opp) if a disease appears to be affecting a number of bird…

5 min read

From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Tasty Taco Dip

…eveloped by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University. This initiative reaches residents across the state with research-based education.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices,” said Dr. Sondra P…

1 min read

Numbers of Women in Ag on the Rise

…rbour County Extension  coordinator, guide in Alabama. Annie’s Project is a national program, shared locally through state groups. The six-week course is designed to help women learn more about farm finances and risk management.


3 min read

Beginning Farmer Training Videos

…ration with a wide range of institutions, producer groups, and nonprofit organizations for supporting beginning farmers statewide. In collaboration with Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Crotovina, Farmscape Solutions, and The United Ch…

1 min read

Exobasidium Leaf and Fruit Spot of Blueberry

… bacterial leaf scorch of blueberry caused by the bacterium Xyllela fastidiosa was documented for the first time in the state in 2011. During the next growing season, a new fungal disease, Exobasidium leaf spot has emerged in the southern r…

2 min read

Beware of Invasive Pests

…often have negative impacts to the ecosystem,” Faver said.

According to the USDA, invasive species cost the United States about $40 billion each year in damages and control efforts.
Spread and Control
“Invasive species are spread p…

2 min read

Caring for Aging Relatives

…anges are costly, so be sure to find out if private or public funding is available to offset these added costs.

Some states have programs that allow individuals to pay for caregivers, which includes family members. Visit the National Res…

3 min read

Pest Alert: Grape Flea Beetle

Grape flea beetle is found in the eastern two-thirds of the United States. These are often the first insect pests in the season to begin attacking grapes. Damaged buds will not develop into primary canes which can reduce grape yields. This …

2 min read

Is My Farm a Hobby or a Business?

…ither the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR). The following scenario involves a state tax audit. It was a familiar one with a sad ending.

Husband and wife owned and operated a small cattle farm.

3 min read

Register Now for Southern Cover Crop Conference July 16-17

…ies and Soil Moisture
So You Want to Graze Cover Crops?
Weed Management with Cover Crops
Impact of Federal and State Policies on Cover Crop Adoption
Cover Crop Use in Conventional and Organic Vegetable Systems
Essentials of C…

2 min read