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Wood Duck Management In Alabama

… of waterfowl occur seasonally along the coastal and inland waters of Alabama. Only one species,the wood duck, occurs statewide throughout the year and nests extensively in Alabama.

On wooded wetlands and beaver ponds, wood ducks are…

8 min read

Beware of Building and Recovery Scams After Storms

…t a name and number. You may call them back after you have checked their legitimacy with Better Business Bureau or your state attorney general’s office. Always check and be safe rather than not check and be sorry, even if they say they a…

2 min read

Field Guide to The Identification of Japanese Stiltgrass

…tegium vimineum), also called Nepalese browntop, is an aggressive invader of forest lands throughout the eastern United States. Infestations can impact the diversity of native species, reduce wildlife habitat, and disrupt important ecosyste…

1 min read

College Savings: A Parent’s Guide to 529 Plans

There are two types of 529 plans, the college savings plan and the prepaid tuition plan. These plans, offered by most states, can fund education and offer tax benefits. A 529 plan can be used to cover expenses at more than 6,000 United St…

5 min read

Stop Cogongrass Hitchhikers

… vehicles, equipment, and clothing before moving into an uncontaminated area. Cogongrass is classified as a federal and state noxious weed, and it is illegal to transport plants, seeds, or plant parts. Cleaning vehicles and equipment in the…

3 min read

Weather Causes Favorable Environment for Late Blight

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Late blight is a quick reproducing fungal disease primarily affecting tomatoes and potatoes. Many know this disease as the cause of the Irish potato famine in the 1840s. Late blight or Phytophthora infestans, is …

2 min read

Give the Master Gardener Helpline a Ring

…coordinator, said the program is used to expand the outreach mission of Extension. Volunteers from MG groups around the state work the phones answering questions—running the gamut from vegetable gardens to lawns and trees.

“The h…

2 min read

Crop and Pastureland Recovery After a Flood

…there are cases where pesticide safety may be an issue, though.

If pesticide contamination is suspected, contact the state pesticide regulatory agency for further assistance.
More Resources
For more flooding resources, visit www.aces.e…

3 min read

Early Season Thoughts on Disease Management in the Home Vegetable Garden

… disease management. Follow the recommended planting dates for the particular vegetable being grown in your area of the state.  Planting into cool, wet soils can often lead to an increase in seed rots and seedling blights. Planting later i…

2 min read

A Key to Common Native Trees of Alabama

…the most common native trees found in Alabama. Keys such as this one, which is based on a series of choices between two statements, are called dichotomous keys. This key was designed for use during the growing season; therefore, leaf charac…

2 min read

Street Trees 2: The Design

…ve, and tree selection is crucial. Check with a local certified retail nursery dealer, your county Extension office, or state Urban Forestry office to get a list of trees that would be suitable for your area and planting conditions.

A co…

8 min read

Pike County Gets New Prescription Drop Box

…after hours by calling the dispatcher on the phone outside the entrance doors. Drop boxes are also available across the state.
Where to find drop boxes
During the last three years, Alabama Extension’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditiona…

2 min read


…SEMP) is a collaboration between the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama A&M University, and Tennessee State University; supported by USDA-NIFA grant #2017-38821-26426. (United States Department of Agriculture National Inst…

2 min read

Commercial Horticulture: Programs, People & Educational Resources

…sery & Greenhouse Crop Production
Major Objectives: Support the growing commercial greenhouse and nursery industry statewide. The project provides hands-on training and resource materials for promoting best management practices to bene…

5 min read

Commercial Horticulture: Making a Difference in the Food System

… Georgia, is the largest donator of food to the food bank in Atlanta. With many new community gardens active around the state, the commercial horticulture team continues to support gardening efforts to raise public awareness regarding the l…

5 min read