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Love Your Heart

…’s Day, but also National Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States. In fact, nearly 837,550 people die each year from heart disease and 133,000 from strokes.

There are risk fact…

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Thinning Loblolly Pine Stands To Benefit Wildlife & Timber Production

Loblolly pine is the most common timber species in the southern United States. This is due to the tree’s ability to grow rapidly on a wide variety of sites. It is considered a medium- to large-sized tree with an average height of 90 to 11…

3 min read

Thrips: Pests of Ornamental Plants

…ce. Insecticide resistance management is a significant contributor to the increasing cost of insecticides in the United States. For these reasons, it is important to understand how to manage resistance and practice product stewardship.


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4-H/Cattleman’s Beef Cook Off

…nd nutritional balance.


Beginner: 4th–6th graders
Junior: 7th–9th graders (Winners advance to state competition)
Senior: 10th–12th graders (Winners advance to state competition)

2 min read

Drought Sales of Livestock

…ndition that caused an area to be declared eligible for federal assistance.

To postpone gain using Section 451(e), a statement must be attached to the return for the year of sale. The statement must include the following:

An i…

7 min read

Chronic Wasting Disease: What to Know

…ate 1960’s, the alarming trend is that it’s been only in the past 15-20 years where it has really spread to several states (21 states since 2001),” Smith said. “In localized areas where CWD has been around for a while, say 10 years,…

2 min read

Beginning Farmer Training Events and Programs

…ration with a wide range of institutions, producer groups, and nonprofit organizations for supporting beginning farmers statewide. In collaboration with Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Crotovina, Farmscape Solutions, and The United Ch…

1 min read

A Ready Partner

…a century to secure private partnerships and grants. We also receive funding and resources from the following: federal, state, and county appropriations, federal grants, and county donations of office space and utilities.
Extension Impact

2 min read

Greenhouse Vegetables and Ethylene Damage

…abscission, and epinasty (drooping and curling of leaves). Plant species, temperature, duration of exposure, stage, and state of plant development, and ethylene concentration influence symptom expression.

Harmful levels and effects of et…

4 min read