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The Culture of Camellias: The State Flower of Alabama

…m the ancient temple gardens of China and Japan, through the ornate conservatories of eighteenth-century Europe, to the stately plantations of America’s nineteenth-century South, the camellia has been a pampered and cherished plant, a liv…

22 min read

Residential Landscape Design

…ng. The sense of touch can also be an aesthetically valuable feature of the landscape. Consider lying in the shade of a stately oak and the feel of a spring or fall breeze. What else can soothe the mind like that?

Economic Value

19 min read

Everyday Water Conservation

While Alabama averages 55 inches of rain per year, the state also experiences drought. These may be flash droughts that last a few months or long term droughts that continue for a year or more. Since drought is a gradual onset of conditions…

1 min read

Alabama Master Gardeners Brand & Logo Guidelines

…f quality, knowledge, friendship, partnership, and community. Questions about usage should be addressed to Kerry Smith, State MG Program Coordinator, at

Download a PDF of Alabama Mast…

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Online Beekeeping Course Set for October

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Beekeeping is going digital. Beekeepers across the state will have the opportunity to participate in an online beekeeping course series designed for both hobby and small commercial beekeepers. The workshop, conduct…

1 min read

Lightning Bugs: Summer’s Night Light

…bama Master Gardeners program is used to expand the outreach mission of Extension. Volunteers from MG groups around the state work the phones answering questions—running the gamut from vegetable gardens to lawns and trees.

Call 1-877-A…

2 min read

SOW–A Planting Companion

…e App Store here or the Google Play Store here.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System and North Carolina A&T State University Extension have partnered to provide crop and planting information for growing zones 6a, 6b, 7b, 8a and …

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Master Gardener Helpline Provides Valuable Garden Information

…bama Master Gardeners program is used to expand the outreach mission of Extension. Volunteers from MG groups around the state work the phones answering questions—running the gamut from vegetable gardens to lawns and trees.


1 min read

Summer Care Important to Next Year’s Blueberries

…es continue to grow through late summer, but with mild winter temperatures and an early spring, blueberry bushes in the state are done producing.

Mallory Kelley, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System home grounds, gardens and home pest…

2 min read

Vegetable Garden Insects

…egetable Garden Insects is part 15 of The Alabama Vegetable Gardener series.

Vegetables grown in the southern United States are vulnerable to attack by a variety of insect pests. Our warm temperatures and long growing seasons are not onl…

12 min read

Nematodes Could Be the Reason Garden Is Unproductive

…t’s juices. Of the many plant parasitic nematode species, rootknot nematode is the most common and widespread in the state and is so named because of the characteristic swellings it produces on the plant’s roots as a result of its feed…

3 min read

Vegetable Information

…art 12 of The Alabama Vegetable Gardener series.

Alabama’s moderate climate and generally abundant rainfall mean the state‘s gardeners can grow vegetables virtually year-round.

You may also want to download Alabama Extension’s SOW app…

13 min read

Fertilizing the Organic Garden

…cover crops whenever possible.

The best organic soil fertilizers, animal manures, are abundant in some areas of the state but are hard to find in others. Where available, poultry and cattle manures are excellent sources of nitrogen and …

3 min read

Wood Ashes for Lime and Potash

…ociate wood ashes with the popular term for potassium fertilizers—potash. Vast areas of forests in the eastern United States were once burned to produce potash for shipment to Europe. This was used as the main source of lye for making soa…

2 min read

Blossom-End Rot Possible in Tomatoes

…n a basic garden. There are many varieties on the market, each one offering something different. With some areas of the state facing drought conditions, tomato growers could see a problem with blossom-end rot (BER) in their plants.

2 min read