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“Sweet Grown Alabama” Statewide Branding Program Launches

MONTGOMERY, Ala.- Shoppers who want to buy local will soon have a new way to identify products raised in the state, thanks to a new marketing effort called “Sweet Grown Alabama.”

“As I travel across the state, most of the questions I…

2 min read

Estate Planning

More than half of the adult population in the United States does not have a last will and testament. It is not a subject people like to discuss, but it is important understand all the necessary steps to eState planning.

EState planning i…

1 min read

Revamped Beekeeping Program Benefits State’s Agriculture

…ps to assure bees remain a vibrant part of food production.  To ensure that crop pollination is not threatened in the state, Alabama Extension created a new beekeeping program that includes educators from Auburn University and Alabama A&…

2 min read

Alabama Extension Focused on Quality and Value

…h and problem solving.  Alabama Extension Director Gary Lemme said the organization’s educational outreach spans the state.

“Alabama Extension create economic opportunities for residents, provides the latest resources for improving …

2 min read

Widespread Viruses in Southeastern Blueberry Fields

In the United States, from 2007 to 2016, there was a 70 percent and 106 percent increase in blueberry acreage and production, respectively. With such a rapid expansion, it is imperative to account for major pest problems adversely affecting…

2 min read

Crop Pest Alert: Peanut and Vegetable Insect Pests

…cco budworm or corn earworm found.
Lesser cornstalk borer (LCB) moth numbers are high in peanut growing areas of the state with sandy soil and dry weather. Parts of central Alabama are also becoming strong LCB flight zone. This is a case…

2 min read

Fig Production Guide

…ig trees are deciduous plants that can grow as high as 60 feet in some regions of the world. In the southeastern United State, however, maximum heights are typically 15 to 25 feet because of cold injury. The leaves can be rather large (widt…

17 min read

Lesser Cornstalk Borer Numbers High in Dry Summers

…y soils. Moth numbers can often be high in central and southeast and Alabama. Currently, moth numbers exceed 3,000 from statewide traps (doubled activity since June), suggesting the scattered showers the state has received are not enough.

2 min read

Perilla Mint: Continue to Scout Through the Fall

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – In some areas of the state, the hot, dry weather may have limited the availability of some forages. These conditions often tempt livestock to consume anything that is green. Some poisonous plants have become mast…

3 min read

Milk Care – Dairy Goats and Sheep

…o through a stringent FDA approval process for safety and efficacy. By law, no meat or milk products sold in the United States are allowed to contain antibiotic residues that violate FDA standards.

One way to avoid drug residues in food …

8 min read

Common Diseases of Dairy Goats and Sheep

…of infected animals and the economy of the goat and sheep industry in many countries of the world, including the United States. CAE is primarily prevalent in dairy goat breeds but has been diagnosed in meat goats and sheep as well.

15 min read

Parasite Control – Dairy Goats and Sheep

Parasitism is widely accepted as the most significant impediment to raising goats and sheep in the southeastern United States and abroad. Reduced production, preventative/veterinary treatment costs, and deaths in the herd lead to substanti…

3 min read

Agronomic Crops Impact Report 2018-2019

…Wiregrass Cotton Expo offered planning assistance for the cotton season to more than 175 people who attended from three states and nine different counties.
Wiregrass farmers reported a $908,212 impact from Extension programs. This is a $…

4 min read

Keeping It Clean: Livestock Water Tank Maintenance

…drink from 7 to 30 gallons of water a day depending on factors such as season, forage (dry or green), and physiological state (age, weight, pregnancy, and lactation). A clean stock tank with high-quality water promotes healthy livestock. Nu…

3 min read

Beef Short Course Targets New Producers

… Alabama Extension beef specialist, says producers have the option to take the course at different locations around the state. The first set of classes are in August at the Chilton Research and Extension Center in Clanton. These are regiona…

2 min read