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SerPIE: What’s in your soil and water?

…ior changes in fish species
Induced reproduction in shellfish
Accumulation in crop roots, leaves and stems (i.e., soybeans)
Alteration of the biological activity of human cells
Impacts on insect physiology
Antibacterial resis…

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Bioengineered Crops: Methods Used to Change Plants

…disease, and herbicides or to enhance nutritional value. Farmers grew the first BE crops in the 1990s: papaya, corn, soybean, and cotton.
Methods Used to Change Plants
Traditional Breeding

Scientists select plants with desired tra…

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GMO Food Facts: Bioengineered Crops

…onmental Protection Agency and the United States Food and Drug Administration, the first BE crops such as papaya, corn, soybean, and cotton were introduced in the 1990s.
Since the early 2000s, the technology of gene editing has the poten…

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