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Cover Crops Play Vital Role in Soil Conservation

…ny benefits of planting cover crops during the winter season.

Audrey Gamble, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System soil scientist, said the weather throughout winter months in Alabama has allowed for thought-provoking conversations sur…

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Soil Sampling: Important Part of Spring

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Show off a green thumb and ensure growing conditions are right by collecting soil for soil samples prior to planting. The Auburn University soil Testing Laboratory offers this service to help growers make informe…

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Auburn University Soil Test Lab

Auburn University operates a soil test lab to serve both farmers and homeowners.  Both routine analysis, as well as more advanced testing, are available from the Lab.

Download a routine soil test form here.

Download a special soil a…

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Collecting Soil and Root Samples for Nematode Analysis

Learn how to properly collect soil and root samples to test for nematodes.

Why Sample for Nematodes?

Several kinds of plant parasitic nematodes attack Alabama’s field crops, gardens, and landscape plantin…

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Soil Testing Protects Water Quality

Properly fertilized lawns absorb nonpoint source pollutants, help to stabilize soil, reduce ambient air temperatures, and promote a healthy ecosystem of its own. Overfertilizing can aggravate pest problems, stimulate excessive growt…

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Excessive Phosphorus in Garden Soils

Excessive Phosphorus in Garden Soils is part 4 of The Alabama Vegetable Gardener series.

Soil-test records from Auburn University show that more than 40 percent of Alabama garden Soils have very high or excessive levels of phosphorus (P)…

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Acid Soils Create Gardening Problems

Acid Soils Create Gardening Problems is part 3 of The Alabama Vegetable Gardener series.

Acid Soils (low pH) cause more gardening problems in Alabama than any other Soil factor.

Soils become acid naturally in humid climates. Rainfall,…

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A Well-Drained Soil

A Well-Drained Soil is part 2 of The Alabama Vegetable Gardener series.

Most gardening publications emphasize that you should locate your garden on well-drained Soil. What is well-drained Soil? What can you do if you have a wet-natured s…

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So You Have Soil Insect Pests – Now What?

…-ground. While it is somewhat easier to observe foliar insects, it is a daunting task to really know what is inside the soil before it is too late. Various soil insects such as wireworms, cutworms and white grubs among many others are regul…

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Phosphorus Basics: Understanding Phosphorus Forms and Their Cycling in the Soil

…ng nutrient. It can reduce plant growth and development and potentially limit crop yield. However, excess phosphorus in soil can be detrimental to the environment because it can enter freshwater bodies through surface runoff and can cause …

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Home Soil Testing: Taking a Sample

Every square foot of soil can be different. soil acidity and nutrients vary across the surface of the soil and with the depth of the soil.

Collecting soil Samples

It is important that you take a composite sample …

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Home Soil Testing: Using The Soil Test Report

The Auburn University Soil Testing Laboratory report includes: your intended crop(s), the Soil group your sample belongs to, Soil pH, results/extractable nutrients, nutrient rating, lime and fertilizer recommendations, as well as c…

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SerPIE: What’s in your soil and water?

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What’s in your soil and water?
What can I do to help?

SerPIE-ASEMP for Undergraduates
Science Video Resource Library

Pollution of soil and water resources by pharmaceuticals and…

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Taking Soil Samples – Management Minute Video

We depend on soils to grow our food, but they also support the natural systems that we count on to produce forest and wildlife resources.  soils impact forestland productivity, and can determine if certain plants and animals grow and thriv…

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Garden Bugs: Managing Soil Pests in the Garden

Managing Soil Pests in the Garden is part two of three in the Garden Bugs series.
General Recommendations
Many Soil insect pest populations reach high numbers in grass or turf, and home gardens are often established in areas previously co…

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