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Identification of Snakes in Alabama for Forest Workers

… worker in the Southeast, you are likely to encounter a variety of wildlife while on the job.  The ability to identify snakes while in the forest – venomous, nonvenomous, and endangered snakes – is important for a number of reasons, bu…

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Venomous Snakes of Alabama

…nsistently ranks among the top five states in overall biodiversity. Included in this population, are over 50 species of snakes. While most are non-venomous, Alabama is home to six species of venomous snakes. Deaths from snakebites are relat…

4 min read

Nonvenomous Snakes Can Pose a Health Risk

AUBURN, Ala. –As the weather gets warmer, snakes and other wildlife will be on the move. Many people will come across a nonvenomous snake at some point. Though they have many good qualities, nonvenomous snakes can still pose a health risk…

2 min read

Identification and Control of Snakes in Alabama

Approximately 40 species of snakes occur in Alabama, and only six of these are venomous. Yet these six attract a lot of attention. Get a crowd of people together and yell snake and you’re bound to get a reaction. Since early times, people…

7 min read

Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team Impacts 2018

…entals, and/or pose health threats. Program topics include squirrels, chipmunks, moles, voles, commensal rodents, bats, snakes, and white-tailed deer.

The goal of these activities is to educate clients in how to identify damage and take …

9 min read

Home Layer Flock Management Suggestions

…f the wire into the ground to discourage digging under the wire fence. It can be difficult to protect young chicks from snakes unless they are kept in some kind of building. Older birds are generally too large for a snake to consider as foo…

5 min read

Problems in Ornamental Garden Pools

…g, and maintaining good water quality.

Predators and Other Common Nuisances
Predation by people, birds, raccoons, snakes, and other animals is a problem that cannot be eliminated entirely, but there are some precautions that should be…

3 min read

Location, Size, and Type of Ornamental Garden Pools

…trolling access, to ensure the safety of children.
To help you spot and ward-off predators, such as birds, raccoons, snakes, or that rare human thief.
To reduce expense of pipes, electrical hook-ups, and pumping, which are usually low…

3 min read

Wild Neighbors: Living with Urban & Suburban Wildlife

…tailed hawks and American kestrels, and even the occasional wild turkey can be drawn to your yard. Other guests such as snakes may also think your backyard is a good living space.
Recognizing the Stranger Dangers
When you first encounter …

6 min read

Reentering a Flooded Home

…ressure inside the basement.

Debris Piles
Debris piles may shift or collapse at any time. They may harbor snakes or other animals.

Electrical Hazards
Is the electricity turned off? Do you know this for certain? I…

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Safety After a Disaster

… are better equipped to handle live animals and can dispose of dead animals according to local guidelines.
Beware of snakes. Wear snake-proof boots that are at least 10 inches high or wear snake leggings in heavy debris areas. This is wh…

4 min read

Uneven-aged Management of Longleaf Pine: An Often Overlooked Option for Landowners

…fit from this forest type too. Gopher tortoises are an important keystone species because other species, such as indigo snakes and many small mammals, use their burrows. Gopher tortoises require sandy soils that are easy to dig in, and long…

11 min read

Controlling Damage from Moles and Voles

…settings, tilling the soil destroys the tunnel systems. This helps to reduce vole populations and subsequent damage.

Snakes, hawks, owls, and other predators feed on voles if afforded the opportunity. Voles have extremely high reproducti…

6 min read

Emergency Handbook iBook

…o eat after the power goes out
And more…


Personal safety after a storm

Threats from Fire Ants, snakes and other wildlife after a storm
Reentering and cleaning up a flooded home
Recovering family treasures

1 min read

Controlling Predators to Increase Quail Populations


Another group of predators that consume quail, more specifically quail nests, chicks, and incubating adults, are snakes. Snake predation may account for up to 30 percent of nest losses in some areas. Again, most snakes are protected …

8 min read