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Daily Money Management Guide for Caregivers

…re than 500,000 older people in the United States need help with financial affairs. As a result, daily money management services are evolving on a fee-for-service basis. As these services evolve they make take on a different identity. Never…

6 min read

Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Biosecurity

…ributed $136.7 billion in 2015—about 1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country in one year. However, this number does not reflect the products that rely on agricultural…

4 min read

Business One on One

…anagement, industry regulations,
leadership influence, how to obtain & develop business assets (cash, goods, and services), and evaluate the current state of a business.

Who is Business 1-on-1 for?

Business 1-on-1 is for curr…

2 min read

Community Event Planning Guide

…ts and identifies local, state, or national exhibitors that enhance event activities by offering valuable products and services.
Registration committee handles the distribution of promotional materials. The registration committee ensure…

5 min read

Beaver Control in Alabama

…te and federal regulations. If a dam requires explosives, contact the United States Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services for more information….

9 min read

Chemical Emergencies

…er it came out of and take it with you to the phone. Call the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 9-1-1, or the operator and tell them exactly what your child ingested.
Follow their instructions carefu…

3 min read

Submitting Samples to Alabama Diagnostics Laboratories

…inary Diagnostic Laboratories. All poultry from Alabama submitted to one of these labs are examined free of charge. Lab services include diagnosis of diseases or other problems using the lab techniques of microscopy, culturing, serology, or…

3 min read


…stock, and forage production, agroforestry systems have the potential to provide additional financial and environmental services and benefits. One potential benefit is wildlife habitat creation and conservation banking, which involves the p…

5 min read

Alabama Natural Resources Council

…ders, and citizens to be wise stewards of our forests and related sustainable natural resources through the coordinated services and programs available from participating organizations. The Council has successfully served forest landowners …

2 min read

Tree Planting Contracts for Landowners: FAQs

…pecifies the work he or she is qualified to do. For example, it may state that the contractor provides forestry-related services such as planting. This section also affirms that the contractor will complete the work outlined in the contract…

8 min read

Black Widow and Recluses

Although widow and recluse spiders may be difficult to appreciate, spiders in general provide valuable services to people by removing other pest insects from homes and gardens. Recluses and widow spiders can be a danger, a…

9 min read

Alabama 4-H Volunteer Application

…s administered by Auburn University Human Resources through Verified Credentials. Your participation in providing these services is integral to our mission of creating and disseminating knowledge for the betterment of society. We deeply app…

1 min read

Aquaculture of Bait Shrimp on the Gulf Coast

…ive bait, specifically shrimp, to attract these anglers to their establishments where they consume additional goods and services, including gasoline, ice, tackle, food, and fishing guide services.

Live bait shrimp are captured throug…

8 min read