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Silvopasture: An Opportunity for Additional Income from Your Forestland

…stock, and forage production, agroforestry systems have the potential to provide additional financial and environmental services and benefits. One potential benefit is wildlife habitat creation and conservation banking, which involves the p…

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Economic Impact of a New Broiler House in Alabama

… equipment. Once construction is completed, the poultry integrator provides feed and veterinary and other professional services, while the farmer provides water, equipment, electricity, and supplies. The direct purchase of supplies and eq…

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The Brown Recluse Spider

…uture inspections. Sticky boards placed along walls can also be used for monitoring purposes. Professional pest control services can use flushing agents as a monitoring tool in an effort to locate breeding areas.

The person conducting th…

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The Black Widow

…ly for licensed or certified pest control professionals. Follow all instructions on the product label.

Enlisting the services of a professional pest control operator is an option to be seriously considered for black widow infestations.

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Milling Dimensions: Characteristics of Portable Sawmill Owners and Operators

…e Sawmills
Most owners produce lumber for their own use or for selling or trading. Trading lumber for other goods or services, or even for other desired lumber products, is a common use of sawn logs. Lumber was more often used in the c…

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Economic Impact of a New 300-Head Cow-Calf Operation in Alabama

…y the economic activity from operations during the first year:

The producer provides feed, veterinary services, equipment, and various supplies. The direct purchase of supplies and equipment are known as direct effects. Th…

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Salvaging/Loss of Feedstuffs

…ayer no more than 6 inches deep.
Test flooded grains for mycotoxin load. Additional information on mycotoxin testing services can be found at the end of this document.
Pelleted feeds may be more difficult to salvage and will begin to …

Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Considerations Following a Flood Event

…ock Death from a Storm Event
Maintaining Health of Grazing Livestock

Guide for Forage, Feed, and Diagnostic Services

Soil, Forage and Feed Testing
Services: Soil fertility recommendations, basic forage and feed quality…

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Personal Protective Equipment PPE Video Glossary

…on: The process of stirring or mixing in a sprayer.

Agricultural Employer: Any person who hires or contracts for the services of workers, for any type of compensation, to perform activities related to the production of agricultural plant…

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Pesticide Related Forms

…m applicator Information

Joe Debrow – Program Director: (334) 240-7233

Professional Services applicator Information

Bridget Pope – Structural: (334) 240-7261 


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Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Suicide

…een incidences when apps, online forums, texts, and calls have been factors in youth committing suicide.

Suicide Services
Parents should stay informed about suicide Services. Following are local and national Services with helpful i…

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Practical Tips for the Use of Biological Control Agents for Pest Management

…certain numbers in bottles (predators) or strips (parasitic wasps). They all seem to provide good products and customer services in case of a problem. If you have concerns, give the vendor a call and discuss with a technical service represe…

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Talking with Kids About Daddy Going to Jail


Alabama Resources

Homepage Old

The Sesame Street Workshop

10 Facts a…

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Assistance for Federal Employees

MyFedBenefits features a list of restaurants, utility companies, retailers, and other local organizations that offer services for federal employees. Visit…

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Recertification Permit Information for Commercial Applicators (RECERT)

Professional Applicator Exam Schedule.
Application for Custom Pesticide Applicators License.
Professional Services Permit Application – Main Office.
Application for Commercial Pesticide Applicator Permit -Renewal.

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