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Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Considerations Following a Flood Event

…ock Death from a Storm Event
Maintaining Health of Grazing Livestock

Guide for Forage, Feed, and Diagnostic Services

Soil, Forage and Feed Testing
Services: Soil fertility recommendations, basic forage and feed quality…

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Personal Protective Equipment PPE Video Glossary

…on: The process of stirring or mixing in a sprayer.

Agricultural Employer: Any person who hires or contracts for the services of workers, for any type of compensation, to perform activities related to the production of agricultural plant…

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Pesticide Related Forms

…m applicator Information

Joe Debrow – Program Director: (334) 240-7233

Professional Services applicator Information

Bridget Pope – Structural: (334) 240-7261 


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Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Suicide

…een incidences when apps, online forums, texts, and calls have been factors in youth committing suicide.

Suicide Services
Parents should stay informed about suicide Services. Following are local and national Services with helpful i…

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Practical Tips for the Use of Biological Control Agents for Pest Management

…certain numbers in bottles (predators) or strips (parasitic wasps). They all seem to provide good products and customer services in case of a problem. If you have concerns, give the vendor a call and discuss with a technical service represe…

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Talking with Kids About Daddy Going to Jail


Alabama Resources

Homepage Old

The Sesame Street Workshop

10 Facts a…

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Assistance for Federal Employees

MyFedBenefits features a list of restaurants, utility companies, retailers, and other local organizations that offer services for federal employees. Visit…

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Recertification Permit Information for Commercial Applicators (RECERT)

Professional Applicator Exam Schedule 2019.
Application for Custom Pesticide Applicators License.
Professional Services Permit Application – Main Office.
Application for Commercial Pesticide Applicator Permit -Renewal.

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Wood Treatment Commercial Applicator Permit (WT)

This commercial category is for applicators who treat wood products to prevent decay.

Click on the text to link to materials and forms. When necessary, the link will bring you to the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries webs…

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Wood Destroying Organisms Commercial Applicator Permit Information (WDC/WDO)

…Branch Offices only. You must pass the examination for Certified Operator to into business for yourself or to supervise services from a main office.
The Structural Professional services Licenses are issued to businesses that engage in an…

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Tree Surgery (TS) Commercial Applicator Permit Information

…cavities, and prevention of further decay, and by strengthening branches with braces.

The Horticulture Professional Services Licenses are for Tree Surgery (TS), and for a certified operator who has taken, passed and submitted their Co…

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Landscape Planter and Setting of Landscape Permit Information (SLP)

Horticulture Professional Services Licenses are issued to businesses that engage in Setting of Landscape Plants (SLP) and have a certified operator who has taken and passed the Setting of Landscape (SLP) exam.  The cost of an annual Hortic…

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Landscape Horticulturists Landscape Design Permit Information (LD)

The Horticulture Professional Services Licenses are issued to businesses that engage in and solicit for Landscape Design (LD),  and have a certified operator who has taken, passed and submitted their Commercial Applicators License Applic…

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