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Crop Pest Alert: Moth Activity Shoots Up in Alabama

…ming infestation. Contact an Alabama Extension regional agent for assistance with crop scouting and pest identification services. Stay connected with pest outbreaks and management recommendations by subscribing to the Alabama IPM Communicat…

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Alabama Commodity Feed Contact List

…ted feeds, complete commodity mixed feeds

Delivery: Pickup or delivery, 24 ton load preferred

Grain Marketing Services

Address: PO. Box 238, Flora, MS 39071
Phone: 1-800-344-4428
Types of feedstuffs handled: #2 yellow c…

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Beef Cow Pregnancy Examination

…as long as the cow is at least 90 days post-calving) without a veterinarian. In areas with limited access to veterinary services, pregnancy diagnosis via blood testing may be the most convenient option; however, there are some disadvantages…

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Rental Property

…s, so long as the taxpayer participates, e.g., in the making of management decisions or arranging for others to provide services (such as repairs), in a significant and bona fide sense. Management decisions that are relevant in this context…

Business or Hobby? Active or Passive?

…ng material participation; however, their travel from the farm to facilities where the cattle were receiving veterinary services was counted.” Paragraph 247,115.30 Hours Not Counted in Determining Material Participation, Parker Tax Pro Li…

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Beware of Invasive Pests

…e are three plant diagnostic labs throughout the state, located in Auburn, Birmingham and Gulf Shores. These labs offer services related to plant, soil and insect samples. Samples are examined and control recommendations are provided based …

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Caring for Aging Relatives

…duals to pay for caregivers, which includes family members. Visit the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services at, local aging Services, or M…

3 min read

kNOw to Stroke


United States Department of Health and Human Services. Brain basics: Preventing stroke. Retrieved from…

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Getting Started In Commercial Horticulture

…n this business. An Extension professional offers information on getting started in commercial horticulture.
Crops and Services
Chip East, an Alabama Extension commercial horticulture regional agent, said there are a variety of  avenues …

2 min read

Attracting Garden Pollinators

…tor activity. The buzzing vibration helps shake pollen loose for tomatoes, and the cucurbate family relies fully on the services of a pollinator to carry pollen and bear fruit.
Controlling Pests
One of the larger aspects to carefully cons…

2 min read

Poultry Pest Management

…and recommended for the control of pests, see the Georgia Pest Management Handbook at

As stated earlier, the northern fowl mite…

11 min read

SmartMap Education Program

…ctive business relationships between forest landowners and consulting foresters and by improving the quality of private services available to forest landowners.
Email your questions to
Workshop Instructors…

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