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Family and Child Development Impact Report 2017

… are the family childcare providers.

Human Sciences Response: In 2017, Alabama Extension initiated a transition to e-services. To test the desire and need for this information, Extension educators set up a booth at the National Associati…

3 min read

Vaping and E-cigarettes: What are the risks?

…nter for Health Research.

Impacts on the Brain
A 2014 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found evidence that nicotine exposure in teens “may have lasting adverse consequences for brain development.…

6 min read

Flea Populations Most Active in Fall

…. Homeowners who lack the time to control fleas themselves or who are uncomfortable applying pesticides can enlist the services of a professional pest control firm.
More Information
For more information on controlling fleas this fall, vi…

3 min read

Principles of Parenting: Communicating With Your Teen—Talking about Sex

…information about sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases, see the United States Department of Health and Human Services link to MEDLINEplus Health Information at

10 min read

Managing Tawny Crazy Ants Around Homes

…, but the best management technique is to prevent TCA from entering your property. In cases of a large infestation, the services of a pest management professional may be required. Check with your county Extension agent, state department of …

5 min read

Beware of Invasive Pests

…e are three plant diagnostic labs throughout the state, located in Auburn, Birmingham and Gulf Shores. These labs offer services related to plant, soil and insect samples. Samples are examined and control recommendations are provided based …

2 min read

kNOw to Stroke


United States Department of Health and Human Services. Brain basics: Preventing stroke. Retrieved from…

4 min read

Beware of Building and Recovery Scams After Storms

…rtists who are waiting to profit from victims’ misfortune.

Scam artists may use price gouging, home-repair or tree services and even charities to get your money during these times, said Isaac Chappell, an Alabama Extension human scienc…

2 min read

The Brown Recluse Spider

…uture inspections. Sticky boards placed along walls can also be used for monitoring purposes. Professional pest control services can use flushing agents as a monitoring tool in an effort to locate breeding areas.

The person conducting th…

4 min read

The Black Widow

…ly for licensed or certified pest control professionals. Follow all instructions on the product label.

Enlisting the services of a professional pest control operator is an option to be seriously considered for black widow infestations.

4 min read

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Suicide

…een incidences when apps, online forums, texts, and calls have been factors in youth committing suicide.

Suicide Services
Parents should stay informed about suicide Services. Following are local and national Services with helpful i…

7 min read

Talking with Kids About Daddy Going to Jail


Alabama Resources

Homepage Old

The Sesame Street Workshop

10 Facts a…

3 min read

103 Ways to Save Money

… you paying for unnecessary features? If you have both a landline and a cell phone, you might want to cancel one of the services.

33. Use fewer paper products, such as paper plates, cups, and towels. You will be both saving money and hel…

7 min read

Caring for Trees: Hiring an Arborist

… proof of insurance. The words “Licensed and Bonded” are usually displayed or discussed openly by professional tree services and arborists. They should have personal, property, liability, and workers’ compensation insurances. Call the…

3 min read