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Mosquito Control Services Commercial Applicator Permit Information

…making arthropod control applications to individual person’s properties (misting devices, fogging and barrier treatment services.) 
Someone doing mosquito work for hire has to be certified in HPC as well as PH/GRD. To qualify to sit for t…

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Timetable for Pond Owner Services

…e and Freshwater Fisheries (DWFF) of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources provides a variety of services for the private pond owner. These services include, pond balance checks, fish kill investigations, and weed con…

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Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Suicide

…een incidences when apps, online forums, texts, and calls have been factors in youth committing suicide.

Suicide Services
Parents should stay informed about suicide Services. Following are local and national Services with helpful i…

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Practical Tips for the Use of Biological Control Agents for Pest Management

…certain numbers in bottles (predators) or strips (parasitic wasps). They all seem to provide good products and customer services in case of a problem. If you have concerns, give the vendor a call and discuss with a technical service represe…

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Talking with Kids About Daddy Going to Jail


Alabama Resources

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The Sesame Street Workshop

10 Facts a…

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