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Beware of Building and Recovery Scams After Storms

…cover family heirlooms, items of clothing and other belongings. In these same hours, scam artists are devising recovery scams to swindle storm victims out of money.

Storm victims want to get work done quickly and get their lives back to…

2 min read

What You Need to Know About Elder Abuse

…ing facility.
Alabama Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection
Call 800-393-5658 to report financial fraud or scams.
Let’s all do our part to prevent and to report any incidences of elder abuse. For more information, visit Alab…

3 min read

Successful Aging Initiative

…directive in the event of illness or death.
Prepare a spending plan, cut living costs, and avoid financial fraud and scams.
Safeguard their homes against falls

What is the goal of the Successful Aging Initiative?
The goal of the…

2 min read

FLIP: Financial Literacy in Progress

Build and maintain good credit
Apply strategies to manage and reduce debt
Avoid financial fraud and scams

40% of Alabama residents have debt that is near collections status.2
Who can request a FLIP series?
Flip clas…

2 min read

Rip-offs and Fraud Cost Money

…strangers being able to transact business with consumers. Consumers, in the end, lose thousands of dollars due to these scams. For instance, the counterfeit check is deposited in the bank and money is then withdrawn and goods and services a…

8 min read

Daily Money Management Guide for Caregivers

…pient to determine how assets and property should be distributed upon the event of the recipient’s death.

Avoiding Scams
It is important to help older family members to organize their important financial documents. Having these docume…

6 min read