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Freeze Vegetables This Summer

…the fall and winter.

Janice Hall, an Alabama Extension food safety and quality regional agent, said that when done correctly, freezing is a great way to have fresh vegetables year-round

“When properly selected, prepared and stored, …

2 min read

Fig Production Guide

…and dark-colored figs. They are arranged alphabetically by their most common name. Bold type is used to designate the correct name, or the one found in Condit’s authoritative monograph on fig varieties. If the name is not in bold type, th…

17 min read

Managing Fire Ants in Hemp

…proval, contact a member of the Extension Hemp Action Team (see list below). The team will forward the request to the correct ADAI contact.

When choosing pesticides for use on hemp, consider the following.

The active ingredient must…

2 min read

Youth Resources – Dairy Goats and Sheep

…ting up a dairy goat/sheep:

If you can move your animal by lifting its legs, reach the hind legs and set them up correctly (squarely). Follow with the front legs. This method is the easiest and quickest.
For a showman with a larger …

4 min read

Common Diseases of Dairy Goats and Sheep

…history of the herd/flock and clinical signs. Aborted fetuses and fresh placenta should be packed on ice, marked with correct identification of the doe/ewe, and sent to a diagnostic laboratory for identification of the infectious agent.

15 min read

Reproductive Management – Dairy Goats and Sheep

Abortion Causes and Prevention
Abortion in goats and sheep can be a common clinical problem. To determine and correct the cause, good reproductive records are invaluable. Signs that there might be an issue include a repeat breeding …

7 min read

Principles of Parenting: Communicating With Your Teen—Talking about Sex

…o be helpful, you should always determine what your child needs as an individual.

Elementary School

correct names of sexual organs
sex and reproduction
healthy relationships
personal boundaries and re…

10 min read

Principles of Parenting: Communicating With Your Teen—Negotiation

…her one say. Rephrasing helps in three important ways: (1) it allows you to check to see if you understood each other correctly; (2) it lets you know that the other person is paying attention and trying to understand your point of view; an…

6 min read

Alabama Planting Guide for Forage Grasses

… no-till environment.
at the proper time, when soil temperature is adequate and moisture is appropriate.
at the correct seeding rate per acre.

4. Manage

for high yields!
pests (weeds, insects, and diseases) to ensure that t…

8 min read

Vegetable Garden Insects

…nstructions, beneficials that might be harmed by it, and the acceptable crops that the chemical can safely treat.

Correct use of pesticides means applying only when necessary and using the label-directed procedures to apply the recommen…

12 min read

Food Safety, Quality in Home Canning are Important

…most fruits and some varieties of tomatoes. Tomatoes, however, do require the addition of ascorbic acid to assure the correct acidity.

Low acid foods have a higher pH higher than 4.6 and must be canned in a pressure canner. They include …

3 min read

Blueberry Disease Management Recommendations

…taken into consideration:

purchasing plants from a reliable source
planting recommended cultivars
planting correctly on raised beds in the full sun
controlling weeds
pruning correctl…

3 min read

Picking the Perfect Watermelon


Joe Kemble, an Alabama Extension vegetable specialist, says there is no single method that is consistently correct to tell if a watermelon is ready. It is usually best to use a combination of several methods to evaluate the ripen…

2 min read

Be Safe and Smart With Pesticides

Read Pesticide Labels
Properly controlling garden pests all starts with reading the pesticide label for the correct recommendations.

“Read the labels thoroughly, as they contain a lot of important information,” O’Rear sai…

2 min read