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Forest Roads and Construction of Associated Water Diversion Devices

The importance of forest roads and consideration of their proper design is frequently neglected by forest landowners. Some forests such as wilderness areas and other forests managed on a custodial management regime do not permit or require …

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After the Hunt: Summer Wildlife Management

…and complete general management tasks including:

controlling invasive plant species
maintaining or building new roads
maintaining or establishing drains, water bars, and culverts.

Identifying and managing invasive plant specie…

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Pond Building: Selecting a Pond Site

…ure of the dam could cause loss of life; injury to people or livestock; damage to residences, industrial buildings, railroads, or highways; or interrupted use of public utilities. If the only suitable pond site presents one or more of these…

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Urban 4-Hers Compete in VEX IQ Robotics Competition

… was held at Wallace State Community College on Feb. 1. Students from Rolling Hills, Morris P8, Madison, and Owens Crossroads elementary schools in Madison County participated in the event. Homeschoolers from Lawrence County also showcased …

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Alabama Extension Partners to Promote Census 2020

…ians take a stand to protect valuable resources, including:

police and fire departments
roads and bridges

How is Alabama Extension Helping
Alabama Extension is committed to helping the upcoming census be …

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Safely Owning and Operating a Chain Saw

Chain saws are important tools to use in land management. Whether implementing habitat management or maintaining clear roads, chain saws are powerful tools that assistant landowners in a variety of ways. However, landowners must use these …

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Be Mindful of Winter Weather

…volves cold temperatures, ice and possible snow accumulation. Even if the amounts are relatively light, ice and snow on roads can cause hazardous road conditions. Drivers should exercise extreme caution when traveling in winter conditions, …

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Grow a Backyard Wildflower Meadow

…r perennials will brighten a flower border with their striking beauty.
Easily maintained wildflowers instantly makes roadsides more welcoming.

Growing a Meadow
The best times to plant seeds if you want to create a backyard wildflower…

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Understanding the Types of Water Pollution

…ctivities that occur across the watershed, such as fertilizing a lawn, watering livestock in a stream, and constructing roads. Even pet waste is an issue. As the runoff moves over the land, it picks up and carries away natural and human- ma…

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Farmers and Drivers: Safety During Harvest Season

…or Equipment on the Road
Wilkins said it is equally important that drivers understand harvest equipment will be on the roads during this time of year.

“During harvest season, large equipment is on the roads much more frequently,” she sa…

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Fruit and Vegetable Marketing: Best Marketing Practices

…der marketing their goods in more than one way and in more than one location.

Direct marketing options include:

roadside stands that may or may not be located on a farm
pick-your-own operations
online platforms

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Wild Turkey Management in Alabama

…, provide openings of 5 to 20 acres. Long, narrow openings are provided by utility right-of-ways or by widening logging roads.

Improved pastures provide excellent feeding areas for hens and older poults. Mow ungrazed or lightly grazed op…

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Growing Horticultural Crops: Things To Consider

… sell the produce, growers need to consider where their market is. Some common ways people market their produce include roadside stands (at home or at a high traffic location), grocery stores, restaurants, door to door, farmers markets, onl…

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Deciding Which Blueberry Cultivars to Plant

…t the same time so they can be harvested at the same time. However, if you will market the berries at a farmers market, roadside stand, or pick-your-own operation, you will want to extend your season. Growers can accomplish this by planting…

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Biology and Control of Mole Crickets

…icillata, where it can obtain nectar. Flowering pentas is an available annual plant, while Spermacoce is naturalized on roadsides and other areas in Florida but not currently available in the nursery trade.

Other natural enemies of…

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