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Home Layer Flock Management Suggestions

…ds) are started, a gallon jug- type waterer will be needed.

Once the birds are old enough to grow and prosper without brooding, it is important to give them sufficient space, clean water, and clean, dry feed. Birds started…

5 min read

Mountain Lions In Alabama?

…e predators were either killed or forced west to less developed areas.”
Mountain Lions Today
Today mountain lions are prospering in the western U.S., especially in California and Arizona. But the species has made its way back into states …

4 min read

Growing Herbs Indoors

…ure to get a soil test and adjust the pH before planting. As for thyme, it needs fertile, well-drained soil in order to prosper.
Planting Indoors
Although many gardeners recommend these herbs be grown outdoors, it is possible to have your…

3 min read