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Caring for Trees: Power Lines

…s enough.
After a storm passes and you first go outside, it’s important to be aware of damaged trees in contact with power lines. Follow these safety protocols when approaching storm-damaged trees that may be in contact with power lines

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Alabama Cooperative Extension System Logo Guidelines

The Extension name and the Alabama state emblem represent the ideals and program outreach of Alabama Extension employees throughout our state and region.

Proper and consistent use of the Extension logo unifies and brands the Alabama Exte…

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Standby Generators for Emergency Power

…gas (bottled gas), or diesel fuel.
Generators must provide the same type of power at the same voltage and frequency as power lines supply. This is usually 120/240 volt, single phase, 60-cycle alternating current (AC). Two- to 2¼-hp engine…

3 min read

Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out

After a disaster, there remains the overwhelming job of cleaning up. One of the biggest areas of concern is the safety of food and water.

Water After a Storm
After a major storm, assume that all water sources are contaminated until prov…

5 min read

Power Outages

Follow these guidelines to be prepared for power outages.

Know where your flashlight and batteries are—and be able to easily access them. Consider purchasing battery-operated lanterns for additional light sources.
Decide which ro…

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Residential Landscape Design

… This is needed when plotting the directions of the sun and winds.
Locate the position of utilities, the aboveground power lines, and underground gas, water, and sewer pipes. Record these on your base plan.
Indicate where existing pla…

19 min read

Caring for Trees: Post-Storm Assessment

…m Damage
First, assess the risk a storm-damaged tree poses to people or property should it fail in any way. Buildings, power lines, roadways, and, most importantly, people are targets for falling trees. If the damaged tree will fall in a r…

4 min read

Flooded Landscapes

…id junipers, and hybrid azaleas.
Begin cleanup by addressing the safety of the site. Beware of downed power lines. After you are assured that the site is safe to enter, assess the site. Is it dry enough to enter and not ca…

4 min read

Clearing Debris from Land

…dders when pruning trees, or climb into trees to prune. Use a safety rope.
Watch for falling limbs.
Be careful of power lines. Leave extensive pruning around power lines to power companies. Wet limbs or dirt- or soil-soaked control ro…

3 min read

Safety After a Disaster

…Never touch any building, car, or other structure that has a fallen power line touching it. Avoid contact with overhead power lines during cleanup and other activities. Do not burn candles near flammable items or leave candles unattended. I…

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Returning Home

…ust or mold

Make sure utilities are turned off or disconnected. Do not enter the area if you smell gas or see downed power lines.

Make a record of damage and losses. Take pictures or make video recordings.
Prevent further damage as m…

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Alabama 4-H Foundation to Award $35,000 in Scholarships

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – The Alabama 4-H Foundation is helping advance the education of 35 high school seniors. The foundation will be awarding $1,000 scholarships to 35 high school seniors of the 2020 graduating class.

“We are exci…

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A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

“How can I make money from my forestland?” is is a common question that many landowners ask. In difficult economic times, forest assets are seen as a potential source of additional income; however, timber prices may …

15 min read

Extension Participates in 4-H National Youth Science Day 2019

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala.–Alabama Extension at Alabama A&M University participated in the 4-H launch of the 2019 National Youth Science Day (NYSD) challenge called Game Changers. Game Changers was designed by Google and the West…

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