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Garden Bugs: Managing Soil Pests in the Garden

Managing Soil Pests in the Garden is part two of three in the Garden Bugs series.
General Recommendations
Many soil insect pest populations reach high numbers in grass or turf, and home gardens are often established in areas previously co…

4 min read

Garden Bugs: Managing Above-Ground Pests in the Garden

Managing Above-Ground Pests in the Garden is part three of three in the Garden Bugs series.

Nonchemical methods for managing garden Pests that feed on the foliage and fruit of garden vegetables.

To repel aphids, anchor alumi…

6 min read

Thrips: Pests of Ornamental Plants

…me family (Phlaeothripidae). Tube-tailed thrips mostly feed on fungi or other insects, with only a few species that are pests. The more common plant pest thrips, however, are all saw-tailed thrips. The ovipositor on these thrips is like a s…

10 min read

Honey, I’m Home: Common Home Pests

… February, while the common bugs to infiltrate include ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, silverfish, spiders, and ticks. Pests can carry and spread a multitude of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, the Hantavirus, Lyme disease, rabies, sal…

2 min read

Managing Spring Pests

AUBURN, Ala.—Spring time brings warmer weather and blooming plants, but it also bring spring pests. Whether it is in the garden or at home, people needs to know how to deal with these pests.

“Just as spring weather conditions change co…

4 min read

Common Digging Pests In Yards

…ften the culprits. An Extension specialist offers tips on controlling these animals from destroying yards.
Identifying Pests
Dr. Jim Armstrong, an Alabama Extension wildlife specialist, said the first rule of protecting a yard is ident…

2 min read

Hubbard Trap Crop Protects Yellow Squash From Insect Pests

… source of migratory insects, plant the trap crops along the perimeter and then evaluate the effectiveness to attract pests. Weed control is very important within the field.

 Plant trap crops early! It turns out that planting the…

2 min read

Scouting Techniques for Soil Insect Pests of Peanuts: Wireworms

*This is an excerpt from Scouting Techniques for Soil Insect Pests of Peanuts, ANR-1364

Wireworms have become the major insect pest of peanuts under certain cropping conditions. Several species of wireworms occur in peanut fields, so an…