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Alabama Cotton Shorts Newsletter

About the Alabama Cotton Shorts Newsletter
Alabama Cotton Shorts is a Newsletter designed to keep cotton producers in the know. From planting dates to crop inputs—there are many factors to consider. The Alabama Cooperative Extension Syst…

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Alabama Forage Focus Program E-Newsletter

…are interested in receiving periodic updates from the Alabama Forage Focus program, the program publishes an electronic newsletter on a regular basis. Please sign up for the electronic newsletter to receiving information on upcoming events,…

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Alabama Beef Systems Extension E-Newsletter

…erested in receiving periodic updates from the Alabama Extension Beef Systems program, the team publishes an electronic newsletter on a regular basis. Sign up for the electronic newsletter to receive information on upcoming events, timely a…

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Alabama IPM Communicator Newsletter

About the Newsletter
Welcome to Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) where we are committed to providing you research-based information for improving farm income and the quality of life for all residents. The main purpose of this ne…

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Alabama Extension Helps Launch Hunger Campaign

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Alabama Extension at Alabama A&M University (AAMU) recently contributed funds to the #GIVEFIVE Campaign.  AAMU’s Basic Needs Coalition (AAMU BNC) spearheads the initiative to end student hunger. Andre…

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Soil Sampling: Important Part of Spring

…ly collect a soil sample.

“It is best to send soil samples that are dry,” Reeder said. “Laying the soil out on newspaper to dry before sending it off is suggested.”

Collect soil from the garden site or flower bed. According to…

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Annual Wiregrass Cotton Expo Slated for Feb. 14

…rs from as near as Florida, and as far away as College Station, Texas, will be present to share the latest and greatest news in the cotton industry. The luncheon speaker, John Robinson, an economist from Texas A&M, will share a cotton m…

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Alabama Extension Partners to Promote Census 2020

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—A partnership between the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) will allow county residents to complete 2020 census forms online in Extension offi…

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New Regulations Aim to Stop Vaping Epidemic Among Young People

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—New federal regulations make it illegal for retailers to sell any tobacco product including e-cigarettes to people under 21. Adrienne Duke, a family and child development studies specialist with the Alabama Coopera…

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Make Recycling a New Year’s Resolution

… Precycle or reduce non-recyclable waste before it starts. For example, buy rechargeable batteries or use old discarded newspaper instead of bubble wrap to mail packages.
Americans discard over 700,000 empty ink and toner cartridges dail…

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Diabetes in the Family

…enses. Some states or pharmaceutical companies offer drug assistance programs to offset high medical costs.

The good news is that most diabetics under a doctor’s care are educated on how to manage the disease. However, they may require s…

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The Urban Difference: Report 2018

…l Financial Management
1,111 Business & Community Development


962,934 Newspapers
440,000 Radio
159,419 Social Media
117,024 Newsletters

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Oyster Restoration: How to Grow Your Oyster Garden

… by the time the third garden is needed, the oysters are large enough for more aggressive cleaning.  Watch the monthly newsletter for details.

If you seen any blue crabs, stone crabs or oyster drills in the garden, be sure to remove…

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