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Alabama IPM Communicator Newsletter

About the Newsletter
Welcome to Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) where we are committed to providing you research-based information for improving farm income and the quality of life for all residents. The main purpose of this ne…

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Blossom-End Rot in Tomatoes: Causes and Prevention

… accurate way to fertilize properly.
Apply mulch to conserve moisture. Use pine straw, straw, decomposed sawdust, or newspaper. Mulches conserve soil moisture and reduce incidence of BER.
Give your plants adequate water. Tomato plants…

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Extension Launches Breastfeed Friendly Child Care Certification

…e Extension System, Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Breastfeeding Committee.

“This is fabulous news for Alabama,” said Dr. Barb Struempler, Alabama Extension’s program leader for EFNEP, SNAP-Ed and CDC AL ProHea…

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Oyster Farming App Reaching Producers Nationwide

…achieving desired stocking densities and that help estimate current stock on a farm.

Users can also track the latest news from the Auburn University Shellfish Lab Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. The app features a section to submi…

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…ch does it cost to probate an estate?
Probating an estate requires a filing fee to the Probate Judge, an ad in a local newspaper and attorney’s fees. The Personal Representative is also entitled to a fee. The costs vary with locality.

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Beginning Farmer Training Events and Programs

…e Extension Team conducts a monthly webinar on the last Monday of each month. You can sign up for the IPM Communicator newsletter to receive monthly updates about the webinar series. To watch future webinars online in real time, visit the…

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Pecan Grafting

…ns should be cut to length and stored in a moist (NOT WET) material such as moist cedar shavings or wet paper towels or newsprint that has had all the water squeezed out.

The scion wood should then be labeled to the correct cultivar and …

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Assistance for Federal Employees

…e recent government shutdown impacted more than 53,000 workers and countless families in the state of Alabama. The good news is many public and private organizations provide special assistance to federal employees when a shutdown occurs.

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