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Alabama Natural Resources Council

… turkeys in the 1940s, to about 1.5 million deer and 450,000 turkeys in Alabama today. It is the mission of the Alabama Natural Resources Council (ANRC) to continue this positive trend by promoting sustainable forest management to family fo…

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Meet the Team – Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Extension

Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Extension
The mission of the Alabama Extension Forestry, Wildlife, and Natural Resources Team is to provide the latest science-based information available to make decisions regarding the manageme…

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Commercial Horticulture: Programs, People & Educational Resources

The Commercial Horticulture Program provides research-based information to nurseries, landscape companies, and fruit and vegetable growers with conventional or organic production systems. This is done through regional meetings, ad…

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Aquatic Resources Team: Project Activities & Impacts 2017

…luation Techniques: A case study of the Fairhope project will be completed in 2018, as the project is ongoing.
Aquatic Natural Resources
Recreational Fish Pond Management
Project Leader: Russell Wright
Extension Collaborators: P. J. Wat…

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Aquatic Resources Programs and People

The Aquatic Resources Program provides science-based Extension programming in the areas of aquaculture, private pond and lake management, coastal resources, commercial and recreational fisheries, aquatic resource conservation, and aquatic r…

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Junior Naturalist Program

Alabama is a state rich in natural resources and ranked fifth in the nation in terms of biodiversity (variety of fauna and flora). This is possible because of our state’s extensive river system and five distinct physiographic land section…

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Soil Health in Alabama

Properties of a Healthy Soil

High organic matter content
Optimal nutrients and pH for plant growth
Stable aggregates to promote water infiltration
Large population of beneficial organisms
No compaction layers
No co…

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SerPIE-ASEMP: Synergistic Efforts to Reduce Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Agricultural Science Extension Mentorship Program for Undergraduates

Program Navigation Links

Home: SerPIE-ASEMP 2019
Eligibility & Application…

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Prescribed Fire – Management Minute Video

…more from Alabama Extension professional Jordan Graves.

Graves is an Alabama Extension Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Regional Extension Agent located in Lee County. He helps Alabama’s citizens make informed forestry…

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