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Urban Ag

…Safety & Quality, Animal Sciences & Forages, Economic & Community Development, and Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources work to support those interested in urban agriculture opportunities.

Who is Urban Ag for?


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SerPIE-ASEMP: Synergistic Efforts to Reduce Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Agricultural Science Extension Mentorship Program for Undergraduates

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Home: SerPIE-ASEMP 2019
Eligibility & Application…

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Alabama Extension at Alabama A&M University

…l Financial Management; Community & Economic Development; Family & Child Development; Forestry, Wildlife, & Natural Resources; Home Grounds, Gardens & Home Pests; Human Nutrition, Diet & Health; and Animal Science & …

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Home *A* Syst

…t and personal safety. Such efforts will lessen adverse impacts on the environment and reduce dependency on the state’s natural resources.
How does the Alabama Urban Home *A*Syst work?
This Alabama Urban Home *A* Syst Program follows four…

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EMEP: E-waste Management Education Program

…ng E-waste

Saves energy
Generates revenue
Recovers precious metals
Reduces carbon footprints
Conserves natural resources
Reduces environmental pollution
Protects human and animal health
Cuts down on greenhouse gas …

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Youth Exploring Environmental Science

…lity issues, such as seeking solutions to the adverse effects of nonpoint source pollution and storm‐water runoff.
Natural Resources and the Environment
Natural Resources play an integral part of our daily lives. While some natural re…

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…ation and to avoiding the long‐term consequences associated with poor environmental stewardship and management of our natural resources.
What is UESEP?

UESEP is the acronym for Urban Environmental Science Education Program.

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What is Urban Extension?

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala. – What is Urban Extension? This is the question featured on billboards launched in September of 2019. Alabama Extension at Alabama A&M University created the billboards to bring awareness to Urban Extens…

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Establishing a Disaster Communication Plan

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Many people avoid answering questions that start with “what if.” This is why too few individuals have life insurance, wills or disaster plans. Having a disaster plan in place, will bring piece of mind …

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Value-Added Products Utilizing Goat and Sheep Milk

Using surplus milk from goats and sheep can help to boost your personal or business revenue.
Value-added products can help you to boost your business or personal revenue. For example, surplus milk from goats and sheep, whethe…

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Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education

What is Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education?

Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education is a component of UESEP (Urban Environmental Science Education Program). 
This UESEP component provides a framework for ci…

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Small-Scale Specialty Vegetable Production in the Southeast

Small-scale specialty vegetable production offers great potential for farmers seeking hardy crops that have growing consumer demand. Traditional vegetable production as an agricultural enterprise tends to have associated risks. There are d…

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VIP: Volunteer in Urban Programs

Volunteer. Give Back. Make a difference.
We need your help as we work to:

Build strong families & communities
Promote healthy eating, exercise, and food safety
Reduce bullying and enhance leadership skills
Promote hom…

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Manufactured Home Safety

Proper installation of your manufactured home and a few precautions will help you to prevent storm and fire damage. The Forty-Second Congress of the United States passed the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act in 1974…

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