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Alabama 4-H Sportfishing was created through a partnership with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division.

The program trains staff and volunteers to teach youth ages 9 to…

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Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP)

The Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) is a hands-on natural resources program that is dedicated to teaching wildlife and fisheries habitat management to junior and senior level (ages 9-18) 4-H and FFA youth across the United States….

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…est growth.
We Want to Help Youth to:

Develop awareness and appreciation of the need and importance of conserving natural resources.
Acquire information and understanding of practical forestry skills.
Develop citizenship and lea…

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Alabama Water Watch

…to the Alabama Course of Study for Science. AWW is a state-approved stackable credential for the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Cluster. Educators receive CEUs from Auburn University for their participation in workshops.

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Aquaculture of Bait Shrimp on the Gulf Coast

…Alabama or other states, the operator must comply with regulations, which will vary. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has the authority to declare regulations governing facilities, sale, transportation, and documentation…

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Common Birds of Prey in Alabama

…reat Horned Owl
Eastern Screech-Owl

More Information
For more information visit Alabama Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Extension online or contact your county Extension office.

Download a PDF of Common Birds of Prey in…

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Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination Programs for Beef Cattle

…the Beef Reproduction Task Force, a multistate extension activity in cooperation with the North Central Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leaders Committee and the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, at http…

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Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Species: Amazonian Apple Snail

…ograph for scale (a coin, for example).

Report the finding immediately to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. You can find your local fisheries biologist at http://…

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Alabama Soils: Piedmont Plateau

…th Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Richmond, Virginia.



Photo by John A. Kelley, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service….

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Alabama Soils: Limestone Valleys

… is particularly noticeable in central Tennessee and Kentucky.



Photo by John A. Kelley, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service….

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Alabama Soils: Coastal Plain

…ge techniques in the Coastal Plains for this reason.




Photo by John A. Kelley, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service….

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Understanding NOP Standards for Pest Management in Specialty Crops

…s seeking organic certification and to those wanting to develop an integrated pest management (IPM) action plan.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) have developed an IPM plan…

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Alabama Stumpage Price Trends (2007–2016)

Timber price reports for Alabama are produced by TimberMart-South (TMS), based in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. TMS provides quarterly and annual timber price updates, market newslett…

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A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

“How can I make money from my forestland?” is is a common question that many landowners ask. In difficult economic times, forest assets are seen as a potential source of additional income; however, timber prices may …

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What is Urban Extension?

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala. – What is Urban Extension? This is the question featured on billboards launched in September of 2019. Alabama Extension at Alabama A&M University created the billboards to bring awareness to Urban Extens…

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