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Family Mealtime Matters

Focus on Mealtime
Research shows that youth who experience frequent family Meals together, at least four to five times a week, are more confident and well adjusted, more socially interactive, perform better in school, consume healthier die…

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How to Make 6 Meals from 1 Chicken

How many meals can you make from one chicken? Buy a whole chicken on sale at the grocery store, and turn it into six great meals! Cooking the chicken in a crock pot makes for a tender, juicy chicken, great broth and also easy cooking.


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Family Game Night Recipes

…t together for some family fun, try these two recipes that the whole family can help prepare. You will have a delicious meal and have fun preparing it.
Vegetable Pizza
2 8 ounce packages crescent rolls

2 8 ounce packages o…

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Managing Tawny Crazy Ants in Plant Nurseries

…any organic material. Worker ants commonly tend sucking, hemipterous insects such as aphids, scale insects, whiteflies, mealybugs, and others that excrete a sugary (carbohydrate) liquid called honeydew when stimulated by the ants. The sweet…

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Eating Smart • Being Active

…sson 1, Get Moving! Goal: Families enjoy being active.
Lesson 2, Plan, Shop, Save. Goal: Families plan and shop for meals and snacks that are healthy and within their budget.
Lesson 3, Vary Your Veggies…Focus on Fruit. Goal: Famil…

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CATCH Programs

… obesity and launch kids and communities toward healthier lifestyles. CATCH programs encourage youth to eat healthier meals and snacks as a result of hands-on cooking experiences. Youth learn how to prepare simple, healthy foods they can …

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Common Pregnancy Discomforts

… the morning, eat a few crackers and rest for fifteen minutes before getting up.
Get out of bed slowly.
Eat small meals or snacks often so that your stomach does not become empty. For example, eat every two hours. Do not lie down righ…

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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Safe Use of Integrated Pest Management

…ill help to intercept new insects trying to colonize plants or reduce movement among plants.

Scale Insects and Mealybugs
Scale insects (fig. 7) and Mealybugs (fig. 8) are also small and suck plant sap, but they tend to be less mob…

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… on-site training
Opportunity to live healthier

Urban EFNEP focuses on:

Basic nutrition
Preparing healthy meals for babies, young children, and youth.
Promoting healthy eating habits
Food safety skills
Healthy food pr…

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Urban SNAP-Ed

…ma’s metropolitan areas.
Urban SNAP-Ed Participants will learn how to:

Make wise food choices
Plan healthier meals
Purchase safe foods
Apply food safety skills when purchasing, preparing, cooking, and storing foods

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