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Extension Leads in Advancing Alabama

In our rapidly changing digital era, Alabama Extension continues to lead in research and problem solving. Our educational outreach spans the state creating economic opportunities for residents, providing the latest resources for i…

8 min read

Alabama 4-H: Building a Better Future through Friendship and Leadership

…Y, Ala. – Confidence, better communication and positive community change are the focus of Alabama 4-H citizenship and leadership programs again this year. 4-H encourages members to learn, lead and make a difference in the communities they…

2 min read

State Impact: 4-H Leadership

3,111 clubs with approximately 9,333 club officers learning and engaging in leadership development
728 youth serving 67 county youth councils to make the local program and community better
21 state ambassadors representing the 4-H…

Youth Leadership Conference

Join Alabama 4-H for the ninth annual Youth Leadership Conference March 23–24, 2019 at the Alabama 4-H Center. This two-day event will be action packed with fun workshops and Leadership adventures for youth ages 9–13.
A one-time,…

1 min read

Midwinter Leadership Retreat

Learn about new and exciting opportunities in 4-H during the 2019 Alabama 4-H Midwinter Leadership Retreat at the Alabama 4-H Center! Learn valuable Leadership skills by participating in workshops February 1–3, 2019. Register through 4HOn…

2 min read

Wonderful World of Leadership

Basic leadership knowledge and skills are essentials for success in almost any field. Even though the person may not be the president or vice president of a club, skills associated with leadership are helpful if not necessary, when working …

1 min read

What Do We Teach? Leadership and Citizenship

The Alabama 4-H leadership and citizenship curriculum grid provides a snapshot of what we teach. Please note, not all programs are available in every county.

Growing Alabama’s Future: Alabama 4-H seeks to empower youth with the skills to…

1 min read

Widespread Viruses in Southeastern Blueberry Fields

…ptoms are generally more prevalent on older leaves in the lower portion of the canopy. In severe cases, the disease may lead to premature bush defoliation.

Recent studies suggest that BNRBV does not infect southern highbush blueberry sys…

2 min read

Growing An Edible Container Garden

From meats to vegetables, savory and aromatic herbs have been used to add flavor to everyday meals for centuries while also rewarding us with aromatic enjoyment. Growing a variety of herbs in a container can make accessing them for use in t…

1 min read

Lightning Bugs: Summer’s Night Light

… you use, Ellen Huckabay, an Alabama Extension county coordinator in Baldwin County, said both of these names can be misleading.

“Actually, they are neither true bugs (Hemiptera) or flies (Diptera), as both of these names would suggest…

2 min read

Fig Production Guide

… first season. Then, during the winter after planting, select three to eight vigorous, widely spaced shoots to serve as leaders. Remove all other shoots, and prune the leaders back to within 1 foot of the ground.

Be sure the leaders you …

17 min read

Managing Fire Ants in Hemp

…wing hemp in Alabama to be certain which insects will actually cause economic damage. The use of pesticides in hemp may lead to a lower oil content. Also, keep in mind that many pesticides can be phytotoxic. It is a good idea to apply the p…

2 min read

Youth Resources – Dairy Goats and Sheep

…n the chain or collar.
If you have a long chain, do not coil it around your hand or allow it to touch the ground.
Lead your animal slowly, keeping 3 to 4 feet between you and the animal-showman pair ahead of you.
Keep your eyes on …

4 min read

Parasite Control – Dairy Goats and Sheep

…theastern United States and abroad. Reduced production, preventative/veterinary treatment costs, and deaths in the herd lead to substantial economic deficits in operations.

This problem is compounded in the Southeast because of the clima…

3 min read

Reproductive Management – Dairy Goats and Sheep

…rition should be completed within 2 hours following the appearance of the water sac. Kids and lambs present head first, leading with the front feet. Posterior presentation (leading with the hind feet) can occur and result in more difficult …

7 min read