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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Making Jams and Jellies (Video III)

…to effect in 2014, provides rules and regulations for foods prepared by cottage food entrepreneurs. These foods include jams and jellies that can be safely canned in a boiling water bath canner.

Alabama Extension teaches Cottage Food Law…

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Rules and Regulations (Video I)

…r you.

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Approved Foods
The foods listed below can be sold directly to the consumer:

Jams and jellies
Dried herbs
Dried herb mixes
Baked goods: cakes, cookies, pastries, doughnuts, breads


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Alabama Cottage Food Law Course

…Alabama Cottage Food Law Food Safety Recommendations.
Click here to read more about Alabama Cottage Food Law: Making Jams and Jellies.

Introduction to Cottage Food Law

Cottage Food Law Requirements

Food Safety Recommendations

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