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Benefits of Irrigation from an IPM Perspective

…in modern agriculture. Water resources have been critical to farmers since the advent of agriculture. Proper and timely irrigation is one of the first requirements of a sustainable integrated pest management (IPM) system. Mismanaged water i…

2 min read

Alabama Extension Offers Insight on Center Pivot Irrigation Costs

…fessionals have compiled information to help farmers consider all options when deciding whether to purchase and install irrigation equipment on the farm.

Dr. Brittney Goodrich, an Alabama Extension economist, said irrigation can mitigate…

2 min read

Investment Costs of Center Pivot Irrigation in Alabama—Three Scenarios

Decisions on whether to invest in irrigation equipment are tough to make, but irrigation can mitigate one of the largest risks in crop production.

irrigation investment and operating costs vary substantially across locations based on acc…

5 min read

Calibrating Traveling Guns for Slurry Irrigation

…nd, it can be an effective part of the waste management plan.

Land application of storage pond slurry with sprinkler irrigation equipment is becoming more common in Alabama. This is a good management practice for two reasons: it allows r…

2 min read

Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation Water

…ng lots or rooftops, is the collection and storage of rainwater. Collected rainwater is used for domestic purposes and irrigation. In some countries, it is the only source of potable water. Rainwater is usually collected from rooftops, gre…

14 min read

Exobasidium Leaf and Fruit Spot of Blueberry

…can result in less infection. Thus, summer pruning and dormant blueberry pruning are essential. Avoid using an overhead irrigation to reduce the risk of splash infection.
Chemical Control
Please refer to the Southeast Regional Blueberry I…

2 min read

Bacterial Spot on Pepper and Tomato

…cteria from crop to crop.

Using wide spacing between rows will allow plants to dry faster after a rain or irrigation event. Wet field conditions favor disease development and widening row spacing may reduce disease severity. L…

3 min read

Winter Maintenance for Lawns and Landscapes

…eason lawns to encourage thicker root growth. Warm-season lawns go dormant and turn to amber shades after frost.
Drain irrigation systems
Properly drain and blow out automated irrigation systems to avoid damage from freezing and thawing t…

2 min read

Winter Maintenance for Gardens and Flower Beds

…or the right place.” Discover if there were any environmental pressures that caused problems. What about watering; an irrigation system might help. Were there any pests? If so, adopt trap crops and resistant varieties to help with pest co…

2 min read

Anthracnose Prevalent this Spring

…-free transplants.
Follow a protective fungicide spray program from transplanting through harvest.
Avoid overhead irrigation, if possible.
If fruit rot occurs, remove all infected fruit from the field at each harvest
To prevent …

2 min read