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Calibrating Traveling Guns for Slurry Irrigation

…nd, it can be an effective part of the waste management plan.

Land application of storage pond slurry with sprinkler irrigation equipment is becoming more common in Alabama. This is a good management practice for two reasons: it allows r…

2 min read

Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation Water

…ng lots or rooftops, is the collection and storage of rainwater. Collected rainwater is used for domestic purposes and irrigation. In some countries, it is the only source of potable water. Rainwater is usually collected from rooftops, gre…

14 min read

Street Trees 3: Planting the Trees

…ld be implemented to monitor water, insects, and disease. Water is crucial during the first and second growing seasons. Irrigation should be part of the initial planning. Drip Irrigation is the preferred system. Neither water trucks nor  d…

5 min read

Buying Organic: What Does It Mean?

…garden, to help conserve water, prevent soil erosion, and build a food source for beneficial soil microbes.
Use drip irrigation or soaker hoses to reduce water waste due to evaporation, and use these irrigation systems only when the weat…

5 min read

Container Gardening

…olding polymers or gels retain moisture for the more needy plants.
Watering time can be reduced by installing a drip irrigation system with an automated timer.
Containers can be placed on trays filled with gravel or marble pebbles cov…

6 min read

Good Use of Integrated Pest Management

…ests, but they should not be the first action to manage pest problems. This article will discuss a few topics including irrigation, mulching and weed control.
What does irrigation have to do with IPM?
Remember that poor growing plants are…

3 min read

Drought-Tolerant Landscapes for Alabama

A well-designed and managed landscape can reduce the amount of water needed for home landscape irrigation. This conservation of water becomes increasingly important as municipal governments impose broad watering bans in response to …

19 min read

Plastic Mulch for Vegetable Production

…ultural Systems

The most widely used and economical plastic mulches are embossed black polyethylene films with irrigation drip tape installed under the mulch (Figure 1). Mulch is usually applied by a tractor-drawn mulch layer imple…

3 min read

Saturated Soils and Wind: A Recipe for Toppling Trees

…k, has a major impact on tree stability.  If trenching of any kind (home foundations, utilities, driveways, sidewalks, irrigation, etc.) has occurred near trunks, roots were severed and the risk is greater. Remember the wine glass analogy,…

3 min read

Raised Bed Gardening

…f garden and help reduce weed seed germination.
Raised bed gardens can be entered and maintained soon after rains or irrigations without compacting soils.
No expensive power cultivation equipment is needed.
The formal orderliness a…

9 min read