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Home Layer Flock Management Suggestions

Best practices for managing your home layer flock include tips for brooding, development, lighting, biosecurity, disease control, and more.

Management of Young (Pullet) Laying Stock
Small chicks cannot control their body tempe…

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Home Soil Testing: Using The Soil Test Report

The Auburn University Soil Testing Laboratory report includes: your intended crop(s), the soil group your sample belongs to, soil pH, results/extractable nutrients, nutrient rating, lime and fertilizer recommendations, as well as c…

4 min read

Home Orchards Disease and Insect Control Recommendations

Apple and Pear

Apple and pear trees are subject to serious damage from pests. As a result, a preventive spray program is needed. The following practices will improve the effectiveness of the pesticides and may lessen the need…

6 min read

Home *A* Syst

…y found in Alabama’s urban environments. However, it is applicable to all state residents that care about their health, home environment, or their family’s safety whether they live in an apartment, mobile home, condo, or house.

Anyone th…

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Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education

What is Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education?

Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education is a component of UESEP (Urban Environmental Science Education Program). 
This UESEP component provides a framework for ci…

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Youth Exploring Environmental Science

What is Youth Exploring Environmental Science?

Youth Exploring Environmental Science is a component of UESEP (Urban Environmental Science Education Program). 
Youth Exploring Environmental Science is a youth in‐school or after…

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Reentering a Flooded Home

Structural Integrity
When first returning to a flooded home, you may face many threats to life and health. The first and most obvious issue is whether the building is structurally sound. Only a structural engineer or other building officia…

3 min read

Home Grounds: Urban Gardens and Sustainable Landscapes

Resource for all ages and all learning levels from novice to professional. Sustainable practices to manage landscapes, urban gardens, and home pests.

What is Home Grounds?

The Home Grounds program provides urban residents and small…

2 min read

Making a Change with Social Marketing

…g goal was to develop memorable, engaging and impactful SNAP-Ed resources and integrate them into local communities and home environments in an effort to increase awareness of better food and drink choices and increase motivation for daily …

4 min read

Nutrition Education Moves Youth and Parents Toward Better Health

…r change. Treatment parents made positive changes in three main areas important to obesity prevention and improving the home environment: (1) healthy food choices, (2) sugar-free beverage choices, and (3) food resource management. Significa…

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Residential Landscape Design

…leaves in the trees or the sounds of birds or of water splashing in a fountain, enhance the aesthetic qualities of your home environment.

The aroma of flowers or the smell of a freshly mowed lawn and even the taste of fruit from plants t…

19 min read

Interior Design

…t and care for quality furnishings and accessories.
To recognize the variety and quality of products relating to the home environment (carpet, fabric, and wall coverings).
How to create a budget.

The Rules:

Click to download a…

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Pest and Beneficial Insects

Modify the way you design, irrigate, fertilize, and manage your garden to discourage pests.
Alter the garden or home environment to deprive pests of the food, water, shelter, or other requirements they need to thrive.
Use barrier…

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Body Quest Helps Prevent Childhood Obesity

…new ways to eat fruits and vegetables offered through the National School Lunch Program.

Momentum continues into the home environment with simple, fun, and action-oriented parent participation, setting this initiative apart as an exempla…

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