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Nutrient Removal by Alabama Crops

…uch as 100 pounds per acre of nitrogen are returned to the soil in the crop residue.
Crop removal is not a good indicator of fertilizer phosphorus needs. Well-fertilized soils have an abundant reserve of soil phosphorus which i…

3 min read

No-till Cantaloupe and Cover Crop Management

Research and Extension professionals have been studying the effects of cover crop management in conjunction with vegetables, such as cantaloupe. There are several different cover crops management methods cantaloupe growers can utilize in or…

1 min read

Vegetable Planter for High-Residue Systems

…e soil as little as possible.
Push cover crop residues aside to prevent jamming, hairpinning, or blowout.
Provide good soil to seedling contact.

For more information on machine modification, download a PDF….

1 min read

Roller/Crimper for Walk-Behind Tractors

Producers use roller/crimpers in conservation farming systems to terminate cover crops that are near maturity in order to plant cash crops.

A new roller/crimper designed for self-propelled, walk-behind tractors allows growers with small …

1 min read

No-till Vegetable Cover Crops

There are several different management options for vegetables, like cantaloupe. One option is to use a roller/crimper and terminate the cover crop without cutting the stems. Producers can also terminate cover crops by mowing. Mowing, howeve…

1 min read

Equipment Modifications for High-Residue Systems

Setting up equipment for operation in high-residue systems in critical to ensure the establishment of optimum plant stands.

Set row cleaners to move residue away from the plant row without trenching into the soil surface. Make adjustment…

1 min read

Rollers for Terminating Cover Crops

Rollers are an option used by farmers to flatten and kill cover crops before planting a cash crop, alone or in conjunction with chemical termination.

Rollers differ in several ways:

Cost and ease of assembly.
Weight and horsepowe…

1 min read

Terminating Your Cover Crop

Termination timing is something all producers deal with each spring. All production decisions impact the profitability of farming operations, so sound decision making is key to a profitable cash crop and a beneficial cover crop.

There is…

1 min read

Trap Crops for Managing Insects

…that no more than 20 percent of the total farm area should be devoted to trap cropping. Trap crops should be planted in good soil to retain their effectiveness, and they must be planted early. This requires additional time and resources. We…

5 min read

Management Options for Chinese Tallowtree

…sive trees in the southeastern United States. It is a classic example of a plant introduced into the United States with good intentions but with very bad outcomes. 

Benjamin Franklin is often cited as having introduced the tallowtree in…

4 min read

Cover Crops: Legumes

…e of the high nitrogen content. Winter pea can provide up to 150 pounds of nitrogen per acre. This legume provides very good erosion control and forage quality. It is also a great cover crop to help attract beneficial insects.

Download a…

2 min read

Cover Crops: Other Options

…eratures are between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Because brassicas grow rapidly and produce lots of biomass, they are good for choking out weeds. Canola/rapeseed are very good nitrogen scavengers, as well as provide very good erosion cont…

2 min read

Cover Crops: Cereals

Black Oat
Avena strigosa: Black oat is a winter annual cereal that provides great weed control, especially against broadleaf weeds. Plant black oats in late September to October. It is an excellent cover crop for nematode and weed control….

2 min read

Billboards Say Eat Better, Move More, Make A Change

…t healthy eating habits, specifically fruit and vegetable consumption.
“Move More: Grab a best friend and go for a walk!” encourages Alabamians to find simple, enjoyable ways to be physically active.
“Make …

2 min read

Faith Communities Encourage Healthy Eating, Active Living

…ople are encouraged to act on their education and awareness and also where the healthy choice becomes the easy choice.
Goals of the Live Well Faith Communities initiative are as follows:
1) Increase the number of faith communities promoti…

2 min read