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Alabama 4-H Eligibility

Alabama 4-H is for youth ages 9 through 18 with Cloverbud programming for ages K-2. The Alabama 4-H Club year is August 1 to July 31. Age is calculated on December 31 of the current 4-H year. 4-H events are open to active members of charter…

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About Alabama 4-H

…see themselves as unique, resilient, life-long learners who actively participate in their own future–setting personal goals and practicing self-determination.

4-H also values results-driven educational opportunities and experiences tha…

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What is 4-H?

4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization. The idea of 4-H is simple: help young people and their families gain the skills needed to be a proactive force in their communities and to develop ideas for a more innovative world…

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Insect Pest Scouting for Crucifer Crops: Flea Beetle

…n spring on seedlings; shot-hole feeding symptoms on small leaves.
Sampling Method & Economic Threshold

Use a good quality magnifying lens when scouting seedling.
Shot-hole leaf injury is distinctive.
Scout on field edges th…

Insect Pest Scouting for Crucifer Crops: Cabbage Aphid

Plant Injury
Large number of aphids can deform plant parts.
Sampling Method & Economic Threshold

Use a good quality magnifying lens for identifying various forms on the underside of leaves.
Sudden presence of ants or lad…

Common Diseases of Snap and Lima Beans

…is best. Clean fallowing is another option. Growers should also consider using a nematode-suppressive crop such as marigolds or velvetbean as a rotation alternative. See Extension publication ANR-0856, “Nematode Suppressive Crops.”

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Grass Carp (White Amur) Producers and Dealers

(334) 887-7663 fax: (334) 887-7864
Marshall County
Terry L. Goldsby, C.E.O.
23360 Hwy. 431
Guntersville, AL 35976

Southern States Hatchery
700 M…

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About the Alabama Pesticide Safety Education Program

… see our section on Commercial Pesticide Applicator Study Materials to determine what you need in order to get your category specific permit.  
Please be sure you view the Alabama Department of Ag & Industries website for more i…

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Beef Conformation: Evaluating Structure from the Front

…Basics, ANR-1452.

From the front, cattle whose hooves are faced forward are ideal. The steer shown in figure 14 is a good example of both hooves pointing directly forward. Much as it is with the hind legs, some angle in the outward direc…

Beef Conformation: Front Legs

…f shoulder as demonstrated by the line connecting the spine of the scapula, point of shoulder, and the ground. The line going from point of shoulder directly to the ground also indicates a steep shoulder as it is very close to the outline o…

Cowpea Curculio in Alabama

This video is dedicated to ongoing research on cowpea curculio management in southern peas or cowpeas. Research on this major insect pest started in 2014 and has continued expand with grower demand for information. For further information o…

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HTPE System and Beneficial Insects

…tion in demonstration activities.

This video describes the effect of various shade cloths on beneficial insects. The goal is to prevent pest infestations in high tunnel crops with minimal impact on some common beneficial insects. 


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Strategies for Using Baleage in Beef Cattle Operations

…is the single largest factor affecting the feeding value of baleage. The nutritional quality of baleage will only be as good as the starting product. What goes in must come out, and putting up low-quality forage means a low-quality feed pro…

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Beef Conformation: Hooves

… other abnormalities and has two symmetrical claws that both point forward. The hoof shown in Figure 1 is an example of good structure in regard to symmetry and toe alignment. Adequate attention should also be paid to the amount of heel dep…