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Be Mindful of Winter Weather


Know where your flashlight and batteries are located.
If you have a gas heater, ensure that it is in good working condition.
Keep generators in order, and keep a supply of fuel for them.
Insulate exposed pipes to pr…

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Controlling Entomosporium Leaf Spot on Woody Ornamental

…or early winter. Continue once or twice monthly applications through mid-spring.

On partially defoliated plants, a rigorous curative fungicide spray program is often necessary to control Entomosporium leaf spot. Weekly fungicide applicat…

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Protect Yourself Against Fraud This Holiday Season

…a target.
More Information
Read more information on preventing or recovering from identity theft at For more information, visit or contact your county Extension office….

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ALProHealth Guidebook


In this book you will be guided through a straightforward three-step process of identifying community goals, picking activities that will help you accomplish these goals, and outlining a work plan with timelines and coalit…

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Battling Holiday Stress and Depression

… holiday season.
Make Time to Exercise
It is important during the colder months to get outside and soak up vitamin D. Going on a long walk or bike ride can help reduce stress and gives people time to clear their head.
Eat Healthy

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Peaches Benefiting from Seasonal Weather

…with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System said peaches and other tree fruits need adequate chill hours to produce a good crop.

“As of mid-December, we have received at least half of the total chill hours needed for most peach varie…

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Annual Bedding Plants

…early summer but will not withstand the summer heat. These include sweet peas, English daisies, hybrid petunias, snapdragons, English wallflowers, nasturtium, and sweet alyssum.
The second planting using tender annuals can be made in the s…

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Agricultural Outlook Hopeful as New Year Approaches

…d. “We were thrilled to have 180 producers in attendance.”

Shep Morris, Jr., a row crop producer in Bullock, Montgomery and Macon counties, says the short course was beneficial.

“I appreciate the expertise from Extension and Aub…

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Food Safety: It’s in Your Hands!

Wash Your Hands.
Do you remember your mother telling you to wash your hands when you were young? It is still good advice. We know that our hands can carry harmful bacteria. Think about all the things you touch throughout the day:…

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Tropical Soda Apple Identification and Control

…commercial crops.

Listed by the USDA as a federal noxious weed, TSA was nearly eliminated across the state a decade ago through a federally funded eradication program. With termination of program funding, however, reports of TSA infestat…

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Fire Ant Quarantine Compliance for Container Nurseries

… 6.25 pounds of bifenthrin product would provide us with the continuous rate (table 2).

If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you can send a quart sample to the Soil, Forage and Water Testing Laboratory at Auburn Universit…

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Fire for Land Management Friendly to the Southeast

…other reason for these regularly occurring natural fires is the resin within southern pines. Highly flammable fuels are going to burn easily and frequently.

As the first people to visit this part of North America observed, fire did not k…

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Support Alabama 4-H End-of-Year Giving

…ands-on learning experiences for all Alabama youth.

The campaign has raised more than 76 percent of its $9.9 million goal. However, the Alabama 4-H Foundation needs public support to raise the remaining $2.5 million to ensure there is a …

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Think Safety First When Traveling

…e sure to pack some healthy snacks and plenty of water.
Beware of your surroundings during stops and do not let kids go to a restroom alone.

When traveling by train:

Pack lightly in case you have to carry your luggage for long di…

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Legal Wildlife Damage Management Techniques in Alabama

…life damage issues simply trap the animal alive and then transport it away and release. While this advice is given with good intentions, this practice is illegal for most wildlife in Alabama.

Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater F…

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