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Caregivers’ Guide for Sheltering and Evacuating

…ds or medical needs shelters.

Special needs shelters are prepared with staff and basic medical supplies to provide ongoing care for people whose medical conditions require more care than the typical Red Cross shelter can provide but who …

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Alabama Cottage Food Law Course

The Alabama Cottage Food Law went into effect in 2014 and provides guidance and information for cottage food entrepreneurs. The law states that individuals can produce certain nonhazardous foods in their homes. As part of the law, individua…

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Diabetes in an Emergency

…yourself as having diabetes so you can get the care you need. Relief workers make decisions as to where a person should go and how he or she should be cared for based in part on the seriousness of the medical condition. Identify yourself as…

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Stress Management

… filed away; others get their creative energy from their piles. So forget the “shoulds” and organize your way.
Set goals. goals provide direction to your life and determine how you spend your time. When asked the secret to amassing suc…

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Stock the Basics for Emergencies

…aterproof container, aluminum foil, plastic storage containers, a signal flare, paper, pencils, adhesive labels, safety goggles, heavy work gloves, a whistle, heavy cotton or hemp rope, a patch kit and can of sealed air, disposable dust mas…

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Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle

…d in these tables. If this is the case, nutrient requirements as percentages will need to be adjusted.
Cattle are in good body condition. Mature cows should be a condition score (BCS) 5 at calving, while heifers should be a BCS 6 to ensu…

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…e support and resources from their county Extension office.

The Cloverbud program is geared toward an informal, easy going approach to activity-based learning. Curricula are based on age-appropriate research and involve cooperative, expe…

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Manufactured Home Safety

…Only homes constructed for Wind Zone II may be placed in Wind Zone II.
*** If pier height is more than 24 inches, a diagonal tie should be added for every 12 inches (or a portion thereof).
**** Homes without a HUD label must have three ve…

9 min read

Backyard Composting

…Alabama Smart Yards make compost. Most yard waste could be composted for on-site use, but 65-plus percent of it usually goes to a landfill.
A 1,000-square-foot area of lawn can generate up to 500 pounds of grass clippings in a single sea…

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Nectar and Pollen Producing Plants of Alabama: A Guide for Beekeepers

…ctar produces a high-quality, deep-amber, full-flavored honey. Soybeans and cotton also yield an amber honey that has a good flavor. Both of these commonly grown crops may produce enough nectar for bees to store surplus honey, but the use o…

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Backyard Tomato Production

…in full sun rather than in more convenient locations that are partially shaded. Plant growth and development are more vigorous and disease control much easier on a plant growing in full sunlight.
Preparing Soil
Proper fertilization and go

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Sheep Production in the Southeast

…ble for sheep production. The key is implementing the right strategy for your operation.
Choosing Sheep Breeds
Years ago, flocks of sheep were descended from a handful of breeds. Today, more than thirty-five breeds are in use—ranging fr…

18 min read

Vaccinations for the Beef Cattle Herd

…rugs is not a vaccination but rather a treatment once an infection has occurred.

Animal health product manufacturers go to great expense to obtain approval for vaccines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They must prove that the va…

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Home Gardening: Rabbiteye Blueberries

…te to avoid damage to the flower buds. Plant blueberries away from frost pockets—low areas and sites that do not have good air movement. You usually can’t do much to protect tender blooms from late-season freezes, although newer approac…

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Bird Houses for Songbirds

…y in response to people constructing and placing nest boxes. Bluebird trails where boxes are placed along paths through good bluebird habitat have been established in many states. This partially compensates for the loss of preferred nesting…

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