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Relative Weight: An Easy-to-Measure Index of Fish Condition

…ip of the nose with the mouth closed to the end of the tail. Scales for weighing fish can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Fish that have a relative weight less than 0.80 or 80 percent of the standard are considered severely thin…

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Red Drum in Alabama

Red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, is one of 160 species of fish that scientists place in the drum family (Sciaenidae). Other drums familiar to Gulf Coast residents are the black drum, Atlantic croaker, spotted seatrout, white trout, and spot. …

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Producers of Sportfish (Largemouth Bass, Bream) for Stocking

(334) 887-7663
fax: (334) 887-7864
Marshall County
Terry L. Goldsby, C.E.O.
23360 Hwy. 431
Guntersville, AL  35976
MontGomery County
Sawyer Chile…

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Mariculture: A Developing Industry

… by the producer, including feed, fertilizer, and water quality manipulation. Densely stocked recirculating systems are good examples of intensive culture. This type of aquaculture generates as much as 5,000 kilograms per hectare per year.

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Life History of the Gray Triggerfish

…strange, it is considered by many people to be one of the best tasting fish in the ocean. Why does triggerfish taste so good? This is a difficult question to answer and even more difficult to understand after looking at their eating habits….

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Rip-offs and Fraud Cost Money

…ware of deceptive tactics that exist in the marketplace. Occasionally, greed causes people to seek offers that seem too good to be true, and the result is being ripped-off or becoming victims of fraudulent transactions. Some individuals may…

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Jellyfish in Alabama

Jellyfish are regular inhabitants of the saltwater bays, bayous, and Gulf beaches of Alabama. As many as sixty different kinds of jellyfish might be found in Alabama waters. However, only seven species are common: the sea nettle, moon jelly…

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Aquatic Resources Programs and People

…rm. Use the Extension website to provide educational aquaculture information to educators and the public, and provide ongoing support to teachers that use aquaculture as a teaching tool.
Oyster Mariculture in Alabama
Expected Outcome: Est…

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Daily Money Management Guide for Caregivers

…and other records
Helping caregivers establish a budget
Preparing and delivery bank deposits
Paying bills
Negotiating with creditors

Additionally, they can help to write checks, balance checkbooks, and serve as a representati…

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Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Biosecurity

…s farms alone contributed $136.7 billion in 2015—about 1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country in one year. However, this number does not reflect the products that r…

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Planning to Make a Cow-Calf Profit

…h #1 and #2 muscle scores.
Evaluate the decision to purchase or develop replacement heifers based on farm resources, goals, and expertise.
Determine pregnancy, calving, and weaning rates; correct any problems.
Make sure nutritional…

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CHAMPION: Health, Nutrition, Exercise

…se knowledge in nutrition terminology, food labels, understanding health diagnosis, and health literacy.

What is the goal of CHAMPION?

CHAMPION is designed to improve eating habits and increase physical activity of school-age childr…

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Zidua Label and Usage in Peanut

…eds such as pigweed, nightshade, Florida pusley, carpetweed, prickly sida, common purslane, crabgrass, crowfootgrass,  goosegrass, and barnyardgrass. It can also suppress horseweed (marestail), morningglory, common ragweed, Texas millet, a…

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PCREP: Parent-Child Reading Enhancement Program


Madison County Extension Office

Donna Gullatte
Office: (256) 536-4779

Montgomery County Extension Office

Ciji Griffin
Office: (334) 270-4133
Danielle Rudolph

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