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Maintaining Herd Health When Introducing a New Bull

…ity of a cow-calf operation. Bulls only become infected after breeding an infected cow, so purchasing virgin bulls is a good way to avoid this problem. Newly purchased nonvirgin bulls should always be tested for trichomoniasis before the br…

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Treating Stocker Calves

… the chute. Most newer product labels have dosages based on mL per 100- or 110-pound body weight intervals, but if not, go ahead and make that calculation before going to the processing chute to treat calves.

Example calculation fo…

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Community Event Planning Guide

Experienced Cooperative Extension or community service staff know how to plan an event. However, coordinating a good event is not enough when program funds are limited. Today, success means more than just inviting outstanding speak…

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Estate Planning: Managing your Affairs

…e care of your minor children (or you or your parents) if you are not able?
Who will own your property after you are gone?
Who is your personal representative and will they have to post a bond or file an inventory?

An estate plan c…

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Euthanasia of Livestock

…uthanasia is the most humane option for sick, injured, and debilitated livestock.

Euthanasia is a Greek term meaning good death and occurs when death is induced without causing pain
or distress to the animal. The way to avoid pain and d…

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Breeding Soundness Examination for Replacement Heifers

…examination to ensure selection of the animals that are most likely to be reproductively sound. It doesn’t matter how good a heifer’s calf would be if it is never born.

Performing breeding soundness examinations approximately one mon…

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Prevention Best Medicine for Calf Scours

…ecome malnourished. Ultimately, calves with severe cases of scours will die if not treated promptly.

Good farm sanitation. Good farm sanitation minimizes exposure to the common microorganisms associated with scours. Some …

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Honey, I’m Home: Common Home Pests

…t which point extermination becomes more difficult. Rodents alone can be very destructive as they chew through packaged goods, cardboard boxes, walls near pipes and vents, and electrical wiring. According to the NPMA, nearly 21 million Unit…

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STREAM: Reading is Still Fundamental

…STEM activities.
The series uses problem-based learning that resolves real world problems and issues.

What is the goal of STREAM?

The STREAM series encourages youth to pursue STEM-related fields and careers.
The series works …

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Family Mealtime Matters

…dessert plate with a dessert fork and spoon below, coffee cup with saucer and spoon, water and beverage glasses. 
How Good Are Your Mealtime Manners?
Helping to make mealtime an enjoyable experience is the responsibility of each family m…

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Midwinter Leadership Retreat

…end the 2020 Alabama 4-H Midwinter Leadership Retreat at the Alabama 4-H Center Jan. 31–Feb. 2, 2020.
Midwinter 2020 Goals

Learn about new and exciting opportunities in 4-H.
Reach out to other young people.
Attend workshops to…

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Bovine Leukosis

…nt, Prevention, and Control
No treatment exists for lymphosarcoma in cattle, so preventing the introduction of BLV and good management to reduce the transmission of BLV in infected herds are keys to mitigating the effects of enzootic bovin…

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Collecting Forage Samples for Laboratory Analysis

With any type of forage sample, the goal is to collect a representative sample. The following provides some guidelines.
Collecting a Hay Sample (≤ 20 percent moisture)

Test each lot of forage separately. A lot is defined as ha…

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National 4-H Conference

…ce of your leadership, growth in your 4-H project, and degree of involvement, cooperation, honesty, responsibility, and good judgment. Describe how 4-H helped you become a leader.

Part III, Service and Citizenship Achievement: Give evide…

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