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Caring for Trees: Hiring an Arborist

…skills are spread to the profession as quickly as possible. Membership in professional arboriculture organizations is a good sign that the people you are hiring know something about what they are selling.

What to Look For

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Caring for Trees: Power Lines

…lines of branches to prevent this, but in strong storms, this is not always enough.
After a storm passes and you first go outside, it’s important to be aware of damaged trees in contact with power lines. Follow these safety protocols whe…

2 min read

Flooded Landscapes

…h indicates a lack of oxygen in the soil. Many plants will look dead. Will these plants survive? Plants that have shown good survival after 2 weeks under floodwaters include most native trees, shrubs, perennials, and hardy bulbs. Other plan…

4 min read

Clearing Debris from Land

… the individual property owner. If property owners move the disaster-related debris to a public right-of-way, the local government may be reimbursed for curbside pickup and disposal for a limited period of time. If the debris on private bus…

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Floor Cleanup and Renovation

…nd subfloors are thoroughly dry.
Sand the surface until it is clean and smooth. Heavily planed floors may never look good again, but they can serve as a base for carpeting, tile, or sheet flooring.
If floor is oak, apply a filler then…

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Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs

…row rugs well enough in a washing machine.

Cleaning Rain-Soaked Carpets
Cleaning carpeting indoors is not a good idea in summer, because you are adding more moisture to an already wet area. If the carpeting is installed with tac…

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Salvaging Furniture

If veneering doesn’t stay in place or is bubbled, carefully slit the loose veneer with a razor blade, and apply a good-quality glue. Cover the glued spots with wax paper, and put weights on the wax paper to prevent extra glue (which m…

6 min read

Salvaging Clothing

Wet Garments But Not Soiled
Dry in cool air to prevent mildew and transfer of dye.


Go outside to brush off garment.
Rub liquid (or paste of granular) detergent into stain.
Launder using detergent a…

3 min read

Health Concerns About Mold

…, and other mold materials that may impact health.

What are safe levels of mold?
At this time, there are no government-established exposure levels for mold. This is largely due to differing individual responses to mold. What mak…

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Restoring Electrical Service

…eaning and drying, or you may need to replace circuit parts.
After all circuits have been checked and found to be in good condition, again remove all fuses and open the main switch. Push electrical receptacles, switches, and light outlet…

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Drying Out After a Flood

…produces about a gallon of moisture. Professional equipment includes refrigerant and desiccant dryers.
Walls that have gotten wet must be completely dried out before they can be rebuilt. Mold will grow in wet walls that are closed up befor…

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Flooding and Fire Ants

…n be used to help prevent secondary infections. Many people may be allergic to fire ant venom. Reports of sting victims going into anaphylactic shock are not uncommon. Shortness of breath, unusual swelling of the sting area, or nausea are s…

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Reentering a Flooded Home

…eded is a mask with an “N95” designation. Stronger protection—N100 masks or toxic particle respirators along with goggles and other protective gear—will be needed for high levels of mold exposure.


Used by permis…

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Safety After a Disaster

…ed water or to boil and disinfect tap water.
Avoid flooded areas. Follow all warnings about water on roadways. Never go around a police barricade. In flooded areas, washouts may have weakened roads and bridges, and they could collapse un…

4 min read

Returning Home

… other textiles contaminated with fiberglass fibers. To remove fibers, wash items thoroughly in a bathtub so the fibers go down the drain. Wear rubber gloves. Dry-clean items that would be damaged by water. Vacuum items to help remove fiber…

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