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Honey, I’m Home: Common Home Pests

…t which point extermination becomes more difficult. Rodents alone can be very destructive as they chew through packaged goods, cardboard boxes, walls near pipes and vents, and electrical wiring. According to the NPMA, nearly 21 million Unit…

2 min read

STREAM: Reading is Still Fundamental

…STEM activities.
The series uses problem-based learning that resolves real world problems and issues.

What is the goal of STREAM?

The STREAM series encourages youth to pursue STEM-related fields and careers.
The series works …

2 min read

Family Mealtime Matters

…dessert plate with a dessert fork and spoon below, coffee cup with saucer and spoon, water and beverage glasses. 
How Good Are Your Mealtime Manners?
Helping to make mealtime an enjoyable experience is the responsibility of each family m…

4 min read

Automatic Section Control Technology for Row Crop Planters

The following provides a list of preplant and in-season checks for ASC on planters. As an adopter of ASC, it is good to review and perform these checks annually.
Preplanting Checks

Firmware Updates. The controller and GPS/GNSS…

11 min read

Midwinter Leadership Retreat

…at at the Alabama 4-H Center Jan. 31–Feb. 2, 2020. Registration opens in 4HOnline Friday, November 1.
Midwinter 2020 Goals

Learn about new and exciting opportunities in 4-H.
Reach out to other young people.
Attend workshops to…

1 min read

Bovine Leukosis

…nt, Prevention, and Control
No treatment exists for lymphosarcoma in cattle, so preventing the introduction of BLV and good management to reduce the transmission of BLV in infected herds are keys to mitigating the effects of enzootic bovin…

3 min read

Collecting Forage Samples for Laboratory Analysis

With any type of forage sample, the goal is to collect a representative sample. The following provides some guidelines.
Collecting a Hay Sample (≤ 20 percent moisture)

Test each lot of forage separately. A lot is defined as ha…

4 min read

National 4-H Conference

…ce of your leadership, growth in your 4-H project, and degree of involvement, cooperation, honesty, responsibility, and good judgment. Describe how 4-H helped you become a leader.

Part III, Service and Citizenship Achievement: Give evide…

3 min read

Aquacultured Oysters

…rug Administration (FDA) inspects seafood processing plants to ensure compliance with federal standards for sanitation, Good Manufacturing Practices, branding, and labeling. The FDA also checks seafood products for pesticides and other cont…

8 min read

Soil Solarization for Control of Nematodes & Soilborne Diseases

… pesticides and the lengthy crop rotations now needed to control many damaging soil pests. This procedure may also give good weed control in situations, particularly home and commercial vegetable production, where effective herbicides are u…

4 min read

Alabama Master Gardeners Volunteer Program

…workdays at a full-time job.) Projects range from answering Helpline calls and assisting Extension agent workshops to ongoing community projects.
What is Master Gardener training?

The Alabama Master Gardener training program provides…

1 min read

Beaver Control in Alabama

…rol in ponds and lakes with small or infrequent beaver populations. A 12-gauge shotgun with #4 buckshot or BB shot is a good choice over rifles, which increase the risk of dangerous ricochets. Remember that shooting will often render the pe…

9 min read

Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Administering Cattle Health Products Properly

…electing the best route of administration, choosing the correct needle, choosing the correct injection site, practicing good sanitation, handling drugs correctly, and proper restraint will ensure proper action of the drug and will reduce or…

6 min read

Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Cattle Health Product Use and Storage

…ugs cannot be administered by cattle producers unless prescribed by a veterinarian. Most antibiotics fall into this category. Prescription drug labels will contain the statement “Caution: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on th…

5 min read

Acid Rain: An Overview

…nce between each whole number value. For example, when pH decreases from 7 to 6, acidity is increased 10 times; when it goes from 7 to 5, acidity is one hundred times greater; from 7 to 4, one thousand times greater; and so on. Vinegar at p…

8 min read