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Aquatic Pest Control Commercial Applicator Permit Information (AQ)

This commercial category is for pesticide applicators applying pesticides in and around water (ponds, lakes, and streams), other than public health purposes.

Click on the text to link to materials and forms. When necessary the link will…

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Cold Injury to Ornamental and Fruit Trees

…es C). Ice crystals form within the plant cells, rupturing those cells. Plant parts injured depends on plant species, vigor, age, hydration, and time of year. In many cases, only the most exposed part of the plant canopy is injured. In gene…

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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Pollinator Ecology

…pollinating for plants. It’s a much neater process!

This brings up the question: How do animal pollinators know to go to flowers for pollination? Most flowering plants have specific floral traits (color, smell, size, rewards) that attr…

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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Safe Use of Integrated Pest Management

…oid insecticides:

Do not apply foliar sprays to plants in bloom if the label prohibits such use.
Maintain good weed control in turf to prevent the presence of blooming weeds.
Mow turf grass to remove blooms before treating….

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Problems in Ornamental Garden Pools

…r biofiltration failure. When high ammonia or nitrite concentrations are discovered, reduce or stop feeding, flush with good quality water, and check the mechanical or biological filters.
Algae Control
If the algal bloom starts to cut dow…

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Aquatic Plants for Ornamental Garden Pools

… feed at lower temperatures because their metabolism decreases. Uneaten feed can create water quality problems. It is a good practice to remove uneaten feed.
Ornamental Garden Pools Series

Location, Size, and Type
Equipment and Cos…

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Fish for Ornamental Garden Pools

… owners tend to slightly over stock.

Kinds of Fish
Fish commonly stocked into ornamental pools belong to either the goldfish or the koi family. There are numerous varieties of these fish.

Early references to the common goldfish are f…

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Water for Ornamental Garden Pools

Water Source
Whether your ornamental pool is a plastic tub or a backyard wonder with waterfalls and hidden lights, good water quality must be maintained. If not, the pool declines in beauty and the fish become stressed and susceptible …

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Equipment and Costs of Ornamental Garden Pools

…ice: Most pool owners regret not building their pools larger.
Constructions plans should be reviewed by local governmental departments (for example, Building and Zoning) to ensure that the proposed system complies with all buildin…

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Alabama Beginning Farmer Program


Funding Agency : USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (Phase 1 & 2 Grants)
Project Training Events
The Beginning Farmer program offers special training events for all farmers. Look…

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Successful Aging Initiative

…ding plan, cut living costs, and avoid financial fraud and scams.
Safeguard their homes against falls

What is the goal of the Successful Aging Initiative?
The goal of the Successful Aging Initiative program is to help seniors to l…

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Cover Crops for Alabama

…ture is used, covers with similar maturities will be easier to terminate at the same time.

Know how and when you are going to terminate the covers before you plant. A cover that doesn’t die when it is supposed to can be a problem. Gree…

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Soil Descriptions and Plant Selections for Greene County

…ank filter fields may need special attention because the soils percolate water very slowly. However, the soils are very good for small pond construction.

Native vegetation includes grasses, deciduous shrubs, red cedar (juniper), and …

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