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Smoking Alabama Seafood

…ood preservation. In the United States and some other developed countries, however, smoking has become somewhat of a forgotten art.

Besides simply being a means of preparing food, smoking can also be a form of recreation or diversion, pr…

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Youth Exploring Environmental Science

…erials through recycling and other waste management methods. Students will experience first‐hand the importance of “going green” in order to ensure a clean environment for generations to come.
Program Delivery
Youth Exploring Enviro…

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Approaches to Debt Reduction

…of the get-out-of-debt, late night television ads,  but now debt elimination ads seemingly target everyone  — debt negotiation, foreclosure relief, debt settlement, bankruptcy relief, credit repair — the list goes on and on.

Alabama …

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Dale and Houston Counties
Phillip Carter
Office: (256) 794-4108
Elmore, Autauga and Montgomery Counties
Roosevelt Robinson
Office: (256) 270-4133
Mobile and Baldwin Counties
Jack …

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Weed Management in Lakes and Ponds

…icides, and flooding have hindered successful establishment of the beetles.

The grass carp or white amur, Ctenopharyngodon idella, is another important biological control agent. This fish, a native of Russian and Chinese rivers, was impo…

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2016 Alabama Farm-Raised Catfish Industry Highlights

…utaw (Greene County). There are two catfish feed mills in western Alabama: Uniontown (Perry County) and Demopolis (Marengo County).
The 2016 Economic Impact of the Farm-Raised Catfish Industry to Alabama, including catfish production, fe…

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TMI: Teens Making Impact

…uding interest assessments and interview skills Civic Education-A focus on civic engagement, understanding citizenship, government and community-based service
Community Service – Fosters an understanding of “giving back” to the communi…

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Wild Neighbors: Living with Urban & Suburban Wildlife

…ven the occasional wild turkey can be drawn to your yard. Other guests such as snakes may also think your backyard is a good living space.
Recognizing the Stranger Dangers
When you first encounter an animal with which you are unfamiliar, …

6 min read

Freezing Summer’s Bounty of Vegetables

…that might be present.

It is important that only 1 pound (about 1 pint) of vegetables be used in 1 gallon of vigorously boiling water. This may seem like a small amount of vegetables, but you will have a much better product with th…

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Assessing and Managing Storm-Damaged Timber

… photos. In each damaged area, it is important to estimate the percentage of trees that are in one of the following categories so harvests can be prioritized:

Minor bending or leaning. These trees will often naturally recover, and it is …

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Removal of Unwanted Fish in Recreational Fish Ponds

…y drink the water. Pigs, however, might be affected by the rotenone formulation, and ducks and geese may suffer if they gorge themselves on dead or dying fish. Caution: make sure no water containing rotenone runs off your property to kill f…

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Weed Control and Wildlife Enhancement in Recreational Fish Ponds

…f Recreational Fish Ponds series.

Aquatic weeds are a common problem in farm ponds. Some aquatic vegetation might be good for the pond. Rooted aquatic vegetation does provide habitat for some small aquatic animals, which add to the food …

10 min read

Fertilization and Liming in Recreational Fish Ponds

…t the food chain, thus increasing the amount of fish the pond supports.

Fertilization, however, will not stimulate a good algae bloom if total alkalinity of the water is below 20 ppm. Check alkalinity first. If alkalinity is below 20 ppm…

6 min read

Harvesting and Record Keeping in Recreational Fish Ponds

…d to let the bass reproduce. Once fishing begins, harvest the bass and bream to maintain growth and manage to meet your goals: balanced ponds with good-quality bass and bream fish, trophy bass, or trophy bream.  Tables 4a and 4b provide th…

3 min read