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Scorpion Management in Residential Homes

…g grow inside of the female and are born alive. They ride on their mother’s back (figure 1) until the young have undergone at least one molt (shed). After the first molt, the young leave their mother’s back to look for food and shelter…

5 min read

Planning Ahead Can Help Keep Santa Out of Debt

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Every year thousands of Americans go into debt during the holidays. With people shopping, attending holiday parties and doing all sorts of activities, it is no wonder we have trouble staying out of debt. An Extens…

2 min read

Aquatic Resources Team: Project Activities & Impacts 2017

…e in Eutaw (Greene County). Two catfish feed mills are in western Alabama: Uniontown (Perry County) and Demopolis (Marengo County). The 2016 Economic Impact of the Farm-Raised Catfish Industry to Alabama, including catfish production, feed …

12 min read

Retirement Planning

…lly can help you adjust to changes in circumstances. Following are actions you can take to help during retirement.
Set Goals
The first action necessary in financial planning is to determine what is important to the individual and family m…

5 min read

Parenting with Self-Awareness

… remaining in control of ourselves so that we can choose our responses with care.
Sources for further reading:
Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence,10th Anniversary Edition: Why it Can Matter,More than IQ. Bantam Books, 2005.


3 min read

Advancing Bullying Awareness: Parenting Strategies for a Teen Being Bullied

…ng home from school lately. Is there anything happening to you there?
This is the third time you haven’t wanted to go to school. Is there something happening that makes you feel like you don’t want to go?
I’ve noticed you’ve b…

5 min read

Advancing Bullying Awareness: Parenting Strategies for Teens Who Bully Others

…ors. This helps to build a relationship that will benefit you if your teen is displaying behavior issues. If you have a good relationship with school personnel, addressing the bullying behaviors may be less difficult.

Parents and g…

6 min read

Parenting and Emotional Self-Control

…our self-awareness). The next step is to translate the messages of our emotions into behaviors that match our parenting goals and values.

In this publication, we talk about self-management skills that help us meet the needs our children …

4 min read

103 Ways to Save Money

…egular effort. But they are all simple to incorporate in your daily life. Not all of these tips will apply to everyone. Go through the list and find 10 or 15 that apply to you, and then put them to work.

Cutting costs is a high priority …

7 min read

Flood-Damaged Agricultural Buildings

…nto place with nails. Plane and sand as needed to remove humps in the floor. This may not get it into condition to look good uncovered, but it will be smooth enough to serve as a base for a new covering.
Insulation will need to be replaced…

5 min read

Standby Generators for Emergency Power

…op standby unit. Power down, switch loads, then repower equipment.

Keep the unit clean and in good running condition at all times for immediate use. Accumulation of dust and dirt can cause the motor to overheat whe…

3 min read

Caring for Trees: Hiring an Arborist

…skills are spread to the profession as quickly as possible. Membership in professional arboriculture organizations is a good sign that the people you are hiring know something about what they are selling.

What to Look For

3 min read

Caring for Trees: Power Lines

…lines of branches to prevent this, but in strong storms, this is not always enough.
After a storm passes and you first go outside, it’s important to be aware of damaged trees in contact with power lines. Follow these safety protocols whe…

2 min read

Flooded Landscapes

…h indicates a lack of oxygen in the soil. Many plants will look dead. Will these plants survive? Plants that have shown good survival after 2 weeks under floodwaters include most native trees, shrubs, perennials, and hardy bulbs. Other plan…

4 min read

Clearing Debris from Land

… the individual property owner. If property owners move the disaster-related debris to a public right-of-way, the local government may be reimbursed for curbside pickup and disposal for a limited period of time. If the debris on private bus…

3 min read