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Garden Bugs: Making Your Garden Vegetables Less Susceptible to Insect Damage

…part one of three in the Garden Bugs series.

How can I keep “bad bugs” out of my garden?

How can I attract “good bugs” to my garden?

How can I control slugs and other soil insect pests?

What insect pests are common to Al…

5 min read

Selection and Care of Dogwoods

…even in the best site.

Proper planting techniques will encourage root growth, which will result in a more healthy, vigorous tree. Techniques for planting your dogwood depend on how the tree was grown and harvested.
Container-Grown Trees…

10 min read

The ABCs of Climate Variability

…for sucking bugs of peaches, might increase.
Reduction or elimination of flowering of subtropical fruits, such as mango, lychee, and longan, but production of tropical fruits, such as banana, guava, and papaya, increases. Disease problem…

5 min read

Harvesting Pine Straw for Profit: Questions Landowners Should Ask Themselves

Production of nontimber forest products such as pine straw can be a good way for forestland owners to earn an income, especially when traditional timber markets are down. Pine straw consists of the needles that fall from pine trees. Fre…

13 min read

Pruning Ornamental Plants

…e based on accurate knowledge of the particular plant. A gardening encyclopedia or a book on the plant in question is a good source of information.

The general rule of thumb is this: if the plant begins blooming before May, prune immedia…

10 min read

Backyard Composting Tips

…st of the nitrogen and phosphorus are present in an organic form, and they are released gradually. That makes compost a good
slow-release fertilizer for trees and shrubs. Generally, additional fertilizer will have to be added for vegetable…

2 min read

Mode of Action Video Part 2 – Spanish Handout

…e que se arme el ARN o el ADN.

30. Los inhibidores de la síntesis de esteroles detienen el proceso que produce el ergosterol. Este es similar al colesterol en los humanos, y la mayoría de los hongos necesita esto o la estructura de la …

Mode of Action Video Part 1 – Spanish Handout

…tipos de pesticidas. Los herbicidas eliminan plantas; los desinfectantes remueven gérmenes; los fungicidas eliminan hongos; los insecticidas matan insectos y los repelentes ahuyentan plagas. Muchos otros pesticidas controlan a otros artró…

Mode of Action Video Part 2 – English Handout

…r level preventing RNA or DNA from constructing.

30. Inhibitors of sterol synthesis stop the process that produces ergosterol. This is similar to cholesterol in humans and most fungi need this or membrane structure and function.

31. T…

Mode of Action Video Part 1 – English Handout

…a toxic effect on the target plant, animal or microorganism.

4. Pesticide mode of action can be divided into two categories: systemic, and contact.

5. Systemic involves the pesticide penetrating the plant or animal and translocating w…

Mode of Action Video – Glossary

… The way a pesticide exerts a toxic effect on the target plant, animal or microorganism and can be divided into two categories: systemic, and contact.

Molluscicide: A chemical used to control snails and slugs.

Molting: In invertebrate…

Damage to Hay

…rgency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm- raised Fish Program (ELAP). Find more information at
To qualify for the program, hay had to have been baled. The program will not cover hay that was cut and on the g…

Livestock That Died As a Result of A Storm Event

…erefore, understand methods of responsible carcass disposal to protect their herds from various infectious diseases, be good stewards of the environment, and promote a positive image for the livestock industry.
Proper carcass disposal fi…

Physical Damage to Fences and Grazing Lands

… FSA is recommended to determine eligibility for the program.
It is critical that producers experiencing a loss take good pictures and document the number of feet/miles of fence that were lost.

Read more about …

Maintaining Health of Grazing Livestock

… feed restriction will need to gain weight significantly and are likely to need supplemental concentrate in addition to good-quality hay or pasture. Make sure that a good-quality mineral supplement is being provided and that the cattle are …