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Mobile County Extension Office

Jack Lecroy
Office: (256) 574-8445

Montgomery County Extension Office

Roosevelt Robinson
Office: (334) 270-4133

Morgan County E…

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SerPIE: Synergistic Efforts to Reduce Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

PPCPs such as aspirin, caffeine, and nicotine were discovered in wastewater treatment plants more than 20 years ago. Since then, PPCPs have been detected in surface and groundwater, soils, biosolids, and drinking water worldwide.

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E-Waste Institute

…nstitute supports the three-fold mission of teaching, research and public service at Alabama A&M University.

The Goals of the E-Waste Institute

Advance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals, communities, organizati…

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…ll provide:

Develop effective communication skills
Respond appropriately to basic interview questions
Make a good first impression during the interview
Follow the proper etiquette during and after the interview

Dressing fo…

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Making Money Count

Making Money Count 
The Making Money Count program series helps to improve economic well-being by teaching participants how to establish a budget, manage credit, save & invest money wisely, and involve all family members in financial …

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Urban 4-H Youth Futures: College Within Reach

…res: College Within Reach prepares students to be the first in their family to attend college. The project includes on-going local mentoring, ACT prep sessions, applying for scholarships, college tours, and college emergence experiences …

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Urban 4-H Health Rocks!®

…llinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia (2017-2018).

What are the goals of Urban 4-H Health Rocks!®?

Reduce youth smoking and tobacco use.
Help youth build life skills that lead…

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Urban 4-H LIFE

…brace the challenge and opportunity to influence the life of a younger person.

Note: Each mentor is required to undergo a background check and must commit to 12 months of mentoring.

Impact of Mentoring on Delinquency
While mentoring …

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Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education

…orestry and ecological processes
Safety disaster preparedness
Reuse, reduce, and recycle efforts

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Basics of Saltwater Shrimp Farming

…d location are the three most important considerations when selecting a site for shrimp farming. Locate a pond close to good quality brackish water (salinity of 5-30 ppt). The site should have soil with a high clay content (at least 25 perc…

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Handling and Preserving Seafood from Water to Table

Nearly 35 percent of all seafood caught in the United States is caught by marine sport fishermen. In fact, studies show sport fishermen often seek the same species as commercial fishermen. Most sport fishermen eat what they catch; therefore…

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Smoking Alabama Seafood

…ood preservation. In the United States and some other developed countries, however, smoking has become somewhat of a forgotten art.

Besides simply being a means of preparing food, smoking can also be a form of recreation or diversion, pr…

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Youth Exploring Environmental Science

…erials through recycling and other waste management methods. Students will experience first‐hand the importance of “going green” in order to ensure a clean environment for generations to come.
Program Delivery
Youth Exploring Enviro…

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Approaches to Debt Reduction

…of the get-out-of-debt, late night television ads,  but now debt elimination ads seemingly target everyone  — debt negotiation, foreclosure relief, debt settlement, bankruptcy relief, credit repair — the list goes on and on.

Alabama …

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Dale and Houston Counties
Phillip Carter
Office: (256) 794-4108
Elmore, Autauga and Montgomery Counties
Roosevelt Robinson
Office: (256) 270-4133
Mobile and Baldwin Counties
Jack …

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