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Nutrition Education on the Move Bus

Mobile Nutrition Demo
The Nutrition Education on the Move Bus is a bus that travels into communities to provide nutrition classes. The bus is equipped with a fully functional mini kitchen for tastings and food & hand washing demonstrat…

1 min read

Career Countdown: Your Path to the Workforce

…terests, determine how their career interests align with the current job market and exploring how to reach their career goals.

Career Countdown is a program designed to:

Provide students with insights into their career choices goin…

1 min read

Urban SNAP-Ed

…f the Alabama Department of Human Resources under the umbrella of the Food and Nutrition Service, USDA.

What are the goals of Urban SNAP-Ed?

Present basic nutrition classes in an EASY and fun format for participants to adopt healthy…

2 min read

Mosquito or Public Health Vector Control in Alabama – ADAI

Mosquito control activities can be divided into two groups:

The Public Health component which normally involves a governmental entity making widespread community or municipal arthropod control applications over a large area; and

2 min read

Food Storage Charts

…s been held no longer than 1 to 2 days at refrigerator temperatures. However, many foods—ice cream and uncooked baked goods, for example—will deteriorate in texture and taste.
Meat, fish, and poultry you’ve thawed in the refrigerator…

3 min read

Reciprocal Commercial Applicators Certification Permit Information

… Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, or Tennessee)
NOTE: General Standards/CORE (GS) is required for all categories except Wood Treatment (WT),  Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (OTPS), and Right-of-Way Pest control (ROW). The M…

1 min read

Alabama Commercial Pesticide Applicator Permits

…ama Commercial Pesticide Applicator Permits
For information related to COMMERCIAL PESTICIDE PERMITS please see the categories listed below. Each category links to its own page with the study materials, exam cost and number of questions on …

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