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Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Suicide

…escents, and the lack of communication around suicide often increases the need to attach blame to someone or something. Gossip around the suicide may lead to blame, which can strain and dissolve relationships, being placed on friends, famil…

7 min read

Flooded Wells: Shock Chlorination

…tion Phase
Tools Needed

A garden hose long enough to reach from an outdoor water faucet to the well
Protective goggles and gloves
Clean 5-gallon bucket
5 gallons of water
Unscented household liquid bleach less th…

5 min read

Practical Tips for the Use of Biological Control Agents for Pest Management

… BCAs that are packaged in certain numbers in bottles (predators) or strips (parasitic wasps). They all seem to provide good products and customer services in case of a problem. If you have concerns, give the vendor a call and discuss with …

3 min read

Nutrient Content and Composition of Poultry Litter

…o protects the environment. Regular analysis of litter is an important part of sound nutrient management and an overall good farm practice.


Download a PDF of Nutrient Content and Composition of Poultry Litter, ANR…

3 min read

SerPIE Science Video Resource Library

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What’s in your soil and water?
What can I do to help?

SerPIE-ASEMP for Undergraduates
Science Video Resource Library

About the Library
The SerPIE video resource library offers …

1 min read

Family Game Night Recipes

…ines made for separating rolls by pressing them together with your fingers. Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes or until golden brown. Take off the sheet pan and set aside to cool completely. While it cools, combine the cheese, mayonnaise, y…

2 min read

Prescribed Fire: The Fuels Component

…ommon science experiment in grade school is to light a candle, place a glass jar over the candle, and watch the flame go out as the oxygen is consumed. This demonstrates the fire triangle of heat, oxygen, and fuel (figure 1). A prescrib…

4 min read

Love Your Heart

…ly. Adults should exercise for 150 minutes (30 minutes a day) per week of moderate activity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous activity.  Walking, jogging, or biking are beneficial for the heart. Children should exercise at least 60 minute…

2 min read

Thinning Loblolly Pine Stands To Benefit Wildlife & Timber Production

…est live branch to the top of the tree, divided by the total height (fig. 2). Loblolly trees show the best growth and vigor when the live crown ratio is greater than 40 percent. When trees start to approach 40 percent live crown ratio, it i…

3 min read

Thrips: Pests of Ornamental Plants

…oved on cuttings or between plants that are touching, they can transmit the virus. They retain the virus inside as they go through the pupal stages and become adults. As adults, thrips can transmit the virus to other plants and across great…

10 min read

4-H/Cattleman’s Beef Cook Off

… Your dish will be judged on appearance, flavor intensity, palatability, healthfulness, and nutritional balance.


Beginner: 4th–6th graders
Junior: 7th–9th graders (Winners advance to state competition)
Senior: 1…

2 min read

Interpreting a Forage Analysis for Beef Cattle

…tanding the dry matter % influences how stable stored forages such as hay, baleage, and silage may be during storage. A goal of 85% dry matter is preferred for hay. Baleage may contain between 40 and 60% dry matter, and silage between 30 an…

4 min read