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Personal Protective Equipment Applicator Video – English Handout


12. Gloves reduce exposure by 99%.

13. Labels specify glove material and thickness and sometimes solvent category. Select a durable glove that does not tear or puncture and will protect for the duration of the task. Use elbow len…

Saturated Soils and Wind: A Recipe for Toppling Trees

…on the lower trunk or exposed roots.
Trees in Compacted Soils
Large trees growing on heavily compacted soils are also good candidates for toppling in wet, windy weather. Tree roots can only grow in soils that have space for oxygen. The mo…

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The Culture of Camellias: The State Flower of Alabama

…ance, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and southern Europe, as well as Washington, D.C., California, and Oregon.

The camellia selections in Table 1 are especially suitable for beginning camellia enthusiasts in Alabama. Nurser…

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Raised Bed Gardening

…-gal. plastic bucket ≈ 0.8 cu. ft.

Several types of amended soil mixes can be used, but any of them should include good topsoil and lots of organic matter (ground pine bark, peat moss, compost, rotted leaves, etc.). This gives a planti…

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Prepare Now for Potential Flooding

…ng and Evacuating
Diabetes in an Emergency
Emergency Preparation for Dogs
Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out
Food Storage Charts
Preparing to Evacuate a Farm
Standby Generators for Emergency Power
Protecting …

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Personal Protective Equipment PPE Video Glossary

…rdous Waste: Waste that poses substantial or potential threat to health and the environment.

Headgear: Hats, masks, goggles that help protect you from exposure to chemicals.

Label: All printed material attached to or part of a pestic…

Flood Recovery Resources

…ne Resources

VIDEO: Contamination in Flood Waters
Returning Home
VIDEO: Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out
Reentering a Flooded Home
Flooding and Fire Ants
Drying Out After A Flood
Pumping Out Floodwater

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Extension Launches Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Certification

… will conduct the visit to determine if the providers are successfully following all 10 steps.

Certification will be good for two years. Multiple websites will host the names of certified providers including the Alabama Cooperative Exten…

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State Impact: 4-H Outdoor Education

800 kids paddled 182 miles of Alabama freshwater, 77 became certified water monitors, and more than 2,700 participated in fishing activities.
179 adults were trained and certified to engage youth through Project WILD, outdoor recreat…

State Impact: 4-H STEM

8,500 youth explored the world using Google Expedition Virtual Reality kits and Chromebook computers. Another 2,400 young people engaged in computational thinking through CS Unplugged Activities, computer science activities without devices …

Clean Up Applicator Safety Video – Spanish Handout

…ción y Etiquetado de Productos Químicos, o GHS, por sus siglas en inglés, contiene criterios para clasificar los riesgos para la salud, los riesgos físicos y los peligros para el medio ambiente. Especifica qué información debe incluir…

State Impact: 4-H Leadership

3,111 clubs with approximately 9,333 club officers learning and engaging in leadership development
728 youth serving 67 county youth councils to make the local program and community better
21 state ambassadors representing the 4-H…

Alabama 4-H 2017-18 Statewide Impact

…onses to the 2018 Career Readiness survey.

99% learned how to act professionally
98% identified things they are good at
93% explored future career options
89% identified one or more careers that could be a good fit for them

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State Impact: 4-H Animals and Agriculture

4-H doubled Golden Egg Contest participation, increased Chick Chain participation and Pig Squeal participation by 11% (10,920 chickens in Chick Chain; 1,920 sold), 75 Dairy Poster participants, 10 Dairy Judging Contest teams, 6 Dairy Bowl T…

Lee County Veterans Outreach

More than 9,800 veterans live in Lee County, and the majority are not receiving all of the benefits available. The goal of the Lee County Veterans Outreach is to meet the veterans in Lee County and make sure that they are aware of thei…

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