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The Brown Recluse Spider

…t injects cytotoxins that cause tissue death or necrosis of the bitten area (Figure 2). Many brown recluse spider bites go unnoticed initially or result in mild stinging. Some people may feel a burning sensation within 30 minutes after the …

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Horticulture Notes: Add Garlic to Your Garden

…ll from October to November. In south Alabama, the planting season is extended from October to February.

It is a good idea to practice rotation when planting garlic. Don’t plant garlic where onions or another member of the
Lily fa…

2 min read

An Emergency Handbook: Preparation and Recovery

The best way to protect your home and family is by preparing ahead of time.
• Keep your home in good repair.
• Remove hazards from your yard.
• Buy appropriate insurance.
• Learn about Firewise Communities.

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Milling Dimensions: Characteristics of Portable Sawmill Owners and Operators

…is also potential for these mills to process timber owned by small-scale private forest landowners that may otherwise go unused, providing landowners and entrepreneurs with alternative income opportunities and filling the niche that lar…

8 min read

County Youth Councils, Where to Start

…hool clubs, volunteer-led clubs, special interest clubs, etc.

Effective 4-H Youth Councils

Have clearly defined goals and a purpose that supports the mission of Alabama 4-H.
Actively promote openness to and acceptance of a divers…

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Garden Bugs: Managing Soil Pests in the Garden

…e. Apply granules according to label directions, and work then into the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches, followed by a good watering.

White Grubs
White grubs are Japanese, May, and June beetle larvae that are dirty white in color. Th…

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Economic Impact of a New 300-Head Cow-Calf Operation in Alabama

…300-head cow-calf operation in Alabama causes a measurable increase in economic activity within the state in terms of ongoing annual operations. Consider the following total economic activity created during the first full year of operation….

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Garden Bugs: Managing Above-Ground Pests in the Garden

…e, remove and destroy diseased plants to delay spread of virus to healthy plants.

Asparagus Beetles

Plant marigolds near asparagus to repel beetles.
Destroy and bury plant refuse in the fall to remove overwintering sites.

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Garden Bugs: Making Your Garden Vegetables Less Susceptible to Insect Damage

…part one of three in the Garden Bugs series.

How can I keep “bad bugs” out of my garden?

How can I attract “good bugs” to my garden?

How can I control slugs and other soil insect pests?

What insect pests are common to Al…

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Selection and Care of Dogwoods

…even in the best site.

Proper planting techniques will encourage root growth, which will result in a more healthy, vigorous tree. Techniques for planting your dogwood depend on how the tree was grown and harvested.
Container-Grown Trees…

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The ABCs of Climate Variability

…for sucking bugs of peaches, might increase.
Reduction or elimination of flowering of subtropical fruits, such as mango, lychee, and longan, but production of tropical fruits, such as banana, guava, and papaya, increases. Disease problem…

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Harvesting Pine Straw for Profit: Questions Landowners Should Ask Themselves

Production of nontimber forest products such as pine straw can be a good way for forestland owners to earn an income, especially when traditional timber markets are down. Pine straw consists of the needles that fall from pine trees. Fre…

13 min read

Pruning Ornamental Plants

…e based on accurate knowledge of the particular plant. A gardening encyclopedia or a book on the plant in question is a good source of information.

The general rule of thumb is this: if the plant begins blooming before May, prune immedia…

10 min read