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Buying Organic— What Does It Mean?

… can influence the way you maintain your home garden.

Fact and Myth
When asked the difference between organic goods and those labeled all-natural, eco-friendly, or naturally grown, consumers may respond that these are one and the …

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Container Gardening

…every other season. Plants remaining in the same pot for a year or more also need root pruning to maintain health and vigor.
Selecting Plants
Most vegetables are grown in a particular season of the year making them excellent c…

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Pesticide Manuals Available for Purchase

…Alabama Cooperative Extension System store and each manual we sell.

PLEASE NOTE: You must review each individual category you are applying for in our commercial applicator pages to ensure you have all the necessary study material. This i…

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Writing Off the Cost of Machinery and Equipment

…of machinery and equipment recover or write-off the cost of purchase over the expected life of the item. Several years ago,  Congress introduced additional first-year expensing to encourage the purchase of machinery to improve the economy….

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Should I File for Bankruptcy?

…are exempt from the procedure that allows creditors to force debtors into bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy Basics
A fundamental goal of the federal bankruptcy laws is to give debtors a financial “fresh start.” This goal is accomplished through …

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How Does a Lender Determine Whether to Renew My Line of Credit?

There are several factors that go into a lender’s decision whether or not to renew a line of credit. It is just like school. You take the exam, and the grade determines your financial health.
Do you have a balance sheet?
The first questio…

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Are You in a General Partnership and Don’t Know It?

… § 10A-8-3.01.
Other Rights and Duties
Relations among the partners and between the partners and the partnership are governed by the partnership agreement. To the extent the partnership agreement does not otherwise provide, the General P…

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Silvopasture from a Farmer’s Perspective

…k and to provide more sunlight for grasses and legumes. This is a no-brainer, so why would a farmer ruin a perfectly good pasture by planting a bunch of trees?

First, equipment can be used in a silvopasture system that has been thoug…

4 min read

Silvopasture: An Opportunity for Additional Income from Your Forestland

…ahia grass does best in southern and coastal portions of the southeast. Native grasses such as the big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii), little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium), and eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactaloides) species may be g…

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Landowners and Forest Inventories: Frequently Asked Questions

…e much more valuable than a used car, and landowners have no idea what the timber is worth. They have no idea if they got a fair price for their timber.

It is well worth your time and effort to have your timber inventoried prior to a…

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Managing Stress: Guide for Understanding Stressful Situations

…e a traumatic event. They may make you feel as if you cannot conduct your daily activities, such as getting out of bed, going to work, or being around those you love. When stress feels like it is piling up and you feel overwhelmed, profess…

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Checklist for Handling Stress or Traumatic Situations

…g with stress.

What skills worked for you in the past?
How can you use these strengths more effectively?

Set goals from the here and now. Ask yourself the following:

What are my goals for today, this week, this month, this y…

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Escape Vapes

…00 Amount of funding
12 Community events 189 Presentations
802,956 Statewide Social Marketing Campaign Reach (Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile listening areas)
26 Schools
10 Counties participating *
29 Radio markets…

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Plantings for Wildlife

… among wildlife species. Consider what species you are trying to manage before making planting decisions. What may be good for one species may not be good for another.

Although cover and food can be planted, it is frequently much eas…

8 min read

Oaks Part (1 & 2) Management Minute Video

Oak trees are known to be attractive to deer.  Learn more on how you can better manage oak trees on your hunting property in these two videos.

For more information, contact the Alabama Extension regional forestry and wildlife a…

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